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  1. open prog1 X-1Z-1F1 X-1Z-1F0.5 X-1Z-1F2 CLOSE
  2. I used G93 and to set Coord[1].InvTimeMode = 1,then my prog finishtime is 1S with "F1" command,but when i used "F2" command it finishtime is 0.5S,and "F0.5" command's finishtime is 2S,and if i want to set when i use "F1" command it finished in 1S,"F2" finished in 2S,"F0.5" finished in 0.5S,how shoud i do?
  3. i used free command and it told me prog buffer 73253519
  4. like this.... I don't know how to free up this 180M cache space...
  5. thank you,i will provides the necessary conditions when it appearance
  6. Thank you, it's okay for this situation, but sometimes it doesn't display the program content but the memory hasn't been released. What should I do to make it release the memory? I think this may be a bug
  7. Under normal circumstances, I can use open prog6 close to replace program number 6 and the memory space is released. However, sometimes for the same model but different control card CPUs, I find that using this will display a new program, but the memory space of the old program is not released. In this case, my program buffer becomes smaller and smaller as I use it, and in the end, I have to power off and restart. May I ask if there is any way to clear this motion program separately? The type that can release space under abnormal circumstances.
  8. thanks,i will try this,and i use &1delete rotary &1 define rotary 20000 &1 open rotary close &1b0r &1 open rotary x..z..c.. and i continue to input coordinate information if rotary buffer is full,it will the coordinate information I input next be overwritten from scratch? then ,i have other question,if i want to execute the motion, but there is only one motor in the coordinate system,actully,ihaving done it,but i used two coordinate,one only have z-axis,anther only have x-axis,but the F command only Only effective on the Z-axis ,Z means &1#2, X means &3#1,I don't know how to make the F command work on the X-axis, I just mentioned it separately in a separate coordinate system. Their X-axis and Z-axis are originally in the first coordinate system. When they are together, even if they move separately, the F value will not fluctuate significantly. However, if the X-axis is mentioned separately in the third coordinate system, the F command seems to be ineffective and its fluctuations will increase. I searched for an explanation but did not get a detailed explanation. Please help me, thank you!
  9. Thank you I know how to solve this problem, but I have encountered a new problem, that is, when I send the program to go in, if the rotation buffer is not executing the motion program, that is, it is only opening the rotation buffer to receive, in fact, it is not rotating in the open state?
  10. hello i used this and When I send the second part of the program, my program header is "open rotary" but it says "error buffer in used", what can I do to make it not prompt this so that my program can be entered,please
  11. Is there a way to directly send it to PMAC line by line for him to execute the program?
  12. I'm using the PDK link library in C# now, and then I want to use the rotation buffer, is there any function that can directly send the motion program for him to run directly? I want to send the motion program directly through the HMI interface for him to execute line by line, is there such a function?
  13. The first picture is the set HZ generated by the tuning sine curve function in the IDE, and the second picture is the F value of the running program, but no matter how much you give, you can run the program at 1HZ, how can I increase the frequency of the fast knife running program
  14. I want to use the fast knife in the coordinate system, but my program changes the F-number and can't change the frequency of the fast knife, what parameter limits the? I feel like I need the help of the big guys
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