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  1. A quick note to finish out this thread. Sina figured out my problem today. Apparently there is a known bug (known as of Sep 2010) with the ACC24E2 boards. The Power Pmac is unable to read boards which are addressed higher (my experience says that if a board is addressed higher than Gate1[7], the Power Pmac will not recognize it. I don't know if there is more to it than that.) The solution was to send back the boards to get 'the fix'.
  2. Update to my troubleshooting. I switched the addressing for the 4th and 5th ACC24E2 around to see if there was a problem with the fifth card itself. Now the 'fifth' card is in the 4th slot (Gate1[7]). It shows up in the IDE as the 4th card (Gate1[7]). The new 5th card still does not show up in the IDE. Next, I plugged both ACC24E2A's into the backplane and addressed them as Gate1[9] and Gate1[10]. Neither card shows up. Do I need to do something to tell the CPU there are more than 16 motors? Thanks
  3. Here are the 10 serial numbers (They are from the white barcode labels on each of the two boards of each ACC24E2). 1. C0005U28 2. C00068DZ 3. C00068D5 4. C0005U0J 5. C00068B5 6. C0005TXD 7. C00068GK 8. C0005U0M 9. C0005U32 10.C00068DB Before you do anything with the s/n's, let me update my progress. Hurdle #1 was realizing that there was a different manual for using ACC-24E2 with a power pmac. The 5 ACC24E2 cards (w/opt 1) were addressed according to the ACC24E2 hardware reference (not the 'using with ppmac' manual). Once I figured that out, I was able to see the middle three boards (Gate 1 index i #'s 5,6 and 7). My next hurdle was finding the reference stating that Acc24E2As and E2S's also share the same 'Gate 1 addresses'. Once I removed these two boards, and the address conflict they provided, board #4 was visible in the IDE. So now I can see Gate 1 index i #'s 4,5,6, and 7. My remaining problem is that I cannot see #8 (my fifth Acc24E2 board.) I have taken all of my other boards out of the backplane (with the exception of the CPU and the Power Supply.) (note: I also have qty 2 Acc24E2A, qty 1 Acc28E, qty 1 Acc59E, qty 2 Acc65E and qty 1 Acc84E. Each of these boards has been removed from the rack, so that all that I have installed is the CPU, power supply and qty 5 ACC24E2.) I have also tried to set SW1 on my fifth board to Gate 1 index i = 9. The board still did not show up. Also, the 5th Acc24E2 serial numbers are the 1st and 2nd serial numbers listed above. Any thoughts? Thanks - Lane
  4. Thanks for the response. Without doing anything else, I executed a $$$*** three times. The first time it added ACC24E2[8]. I decided to try it again to see if the IDE would give me another listing. It took away the ACC24E2[8] but left the ACC24E2[6]. I executed a $$$*** a third time and it added an ACC24E2[12]. So now the IDE shows [6] and [12]. I'll read though the manual and see what I can find. I had already checked the SW1 settings a few days ago. They are correct for addressing the boards 1-5. Right now I am assuming they should be addressed 1-5. The CPU is in slot 1 (maybe even slots 1 and 2?). The assumption is that the CPU does not offset what the addressing should be. Anyway, I'll read through the manual with this problem in mind. thanks again.
  5. I have a PPmac with qty 5 ACC24E2 w/ opt 1 (opt 1 adds 2 more axes per card). In the IDE I only show qty 1 ACC24E2. It is indexed as 6. It shows up in the Motor Setup Hardware Diagnosis section like this: ACC24E2[6]. Question #1: What does the '6' refer to? The physical cards occupy from the 1st card to the right of the cpu through the next 4 cards (literally taking up 10 slots, because each Acc24E2 w/opt 1 takes up 2 slots. Question #2: What do I need to do to make the PPmac 'see' the other 4 ACC24E2 cards? Thanks. p.s. I am using the Feb 2011 IDE and the latest version (Jan 2011?) of the firmware.
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