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  1. Hi everyone I want to konw PMAC Mini PCI's product reliability index MTBF(Mean Time Between Failure) and environment experiment data. kgu@deltatau-china.com Thanks
  2. DTC-Kgu


    Hi Gregs I have download the boot strap and ACC65ETH.iic to ACC65ETH, but USB can't be recongnized on the PC,and ETH can't communicate aslo.
  3. DTC-Kgu


    If you get connected to the device with Configure Ethernet 100 Base T software under Start > PMAC Executive PRO 2 > Delta Tau Common folder, you should see the Modbus option check marked. Also, if you don't have Modbus option, the Modbus setup page from PEWIN32PRO2 will notify you. You also have to make sure that you have defined at least 256 word in user buffer as your Modbus buffer memory. Hi Sina Thank you for answering ,I have solved the last question,Because the customer modified the gateway IP which could not communication. Now I have another problem,one ACC-65ETH can't communication with ETH and USB can't identify.I want to try to download firmware.Whether can send ACC-65ETH's firmware to me. regards
  4. DTC-Kgu


    How do I know UMAC installed modbus? I can contol IO with ACC-65ETH home page but UMAC can't i67=$10700 M300->X:$10792,0,16 ; Discrete Outputs 1 – 16 (LSbit = Output 1) M301->Y:$10792,0,8 ; Discrete Outputs 17 - 24 M400->X:$10790,0,16 ; Discrete Inputs 1 – 16 (LSbit = Input 1) M401->Y:$10790,0,8 ; Discrete Inputs 17 - 24 modbus setup interface see attachment
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