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  1. Can we access Gate1.Chan[j].PhaseCapt within the realtime routine? It seems like it's not part of the shared memory? Thanks, Lei
  2. There are probably multiple ways of doing this but given the Gate1.Chan[j].PhaseCapt in raw encoder counts, what would be the most accurate method of converting the counts to Motor position? (comparable to Motor[x].ActPos)?
  3. We are currently going through some development effort with the PPMAC system and we have a question with regard to capturing high resolution encoder readings. Basically we have an ACC28E in the system collecting analog data from third party sensors at the phase rate. At the same time, we are reading the Motor[#].ActPos at the servo rate (ACC24E2A). Ultimately we would like to combine the 2 sets of data(encoder position with sensor data). However, our phase rate is running at 4 times the servo rate. Is there any way we could get higher resolution encoder readings (at the phase rate) without having to re-tune the motors (having to change the servo rate)? One suggestion was to increase the servo rate up to match the phase rate then use Motor[x].Stime to lower motor servo rate but this overloaded the PPMAC processor with 100% CPU usage. Thanks, Lei
  4. Sina, E5,E6 and E7 jumpers are all on pins 2 and 3 (backplane +/-15V). We have been testing the card with nothing connected on the analog inputs. Only thing connected is the backplane. Thanks, Lei
  5. Sina, We switched the IOCard index to 1 but we are experiencing the same issue as before. With regard to adding the ACC-28E card, I would put in the card and do a '$$$***' then save and reset. Upon power up I would download the solution then the motor parameters. Please advise if there is anything else we could try. Thanks, Lei
  6. Hi, In our PowerPMAC system, we have the following cards: PowerPMAC processor card ACC-11E ACC-24E2A (qty.2) Just recently we have added an ACC-28E card for analog data acquisition. The gate index is shown below for addressing: ACC-24E[4],ACC-24E[5],ACC28E[15] We are currently using ACC-24E[4] card for master clock of the system with 24kHz of phase freq and 12kHz of servo freq. We can power up all of the motors without any issues. However, we can't seem to get motion in any of the axis (with the jog command). We tried tunning but was not able to get any motion. Has anyone experienced similar issues? Thanks, Lei
  7. Sina, We have noticed that when we do a restore, the motor setup parameters does not get restored. We understand that we can save those parameters using the 'Save Configuration to File' in the 'Setup Variables' but shouldn't backup/restore also retain those values as well? Thanks, Lei
  8. Charles, Is there any limitation in terms of the clock rate I can run at on the ACC-5E3 (in this case the Macro Master)? The manual indicate that the values for the Acc5E3[0].PhaseFreq ranges from 35.76 Hz to 2,343,463 Hz. However, when I increased the phase frequency to above 10kHz, the analog readings froze. At the same time, I would think there is a limitation on the clock rate of the ACC-14M as well. Since the ACC-14M has 2 Burr-Brown ADCs that samples at 500kHz at max speed, we would like to run at this speed. Thanks, Lei
  9. Hello, Is there anyway to control the sampling rate on the ACC-14M? The manual indicate a Burr-Brown ADS8361 which samples at 500kHz maximum frequency. Which clock does the ADC use on the ACC-14M and is this clock adjustable? We are using the ACC-5E3 to communicate with the ACC-14M. Thanks, Lei
  10. Hello Charles, Today I put a voltage driver on the analog input of the 14M and I tried to observe the variables ACC14M_1_ADC1 and ACC14M_1_ADC2 on the IDE scope. When I tried to read the data (clicking on the play button on the scope GUI) I got an error (attached to this message). Could you take a look and let me know how I can get around this error? It may be caused by the shifting of the bits. Also, is there anyway I can record the values for those variables in the IDE and export to a csv file? Thanks, Lei
  11. This is in connection with thread: http://forums.deltatau.com/showthread.php?tid=767 Do I still need to do the initial binding of the ACC-14M with the ACC-5E3(master) for PPMAC setup? The ACC-14M manual shows the configuration procedure with the UMAC, does the same procedure also apply for the PPMAC system? Thanks, Lei
  12. Sina, I get $1. Apparently there is only 1 DSPGATE3 chip. Could you advise on how I can proceed? Thanks, Lei
  13. Sina, With the IDE I have access to IC #0 on ACC-5E3 card but not IC #1. In other words, the IDE sees Acc5E3[0] but not Acc5E3[1]. Could you advise on how to gain access to Acc5E3[1]? Thanks, Lei
  14. Thank you, Sina. I don't suppose there is an ACC-5E3 manual out there? I have the ACC-5E manual but not sure if there is an ACC-5E3 manual out there. Regards, Lei
  15. Charles, Thanks for providing the document. We are currently trying to setup the 5E card to read from the (qty.2) 14M card ADC channels. If anyone has had this experience before please let me know. Thanks, Lei
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