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  1. Path in Cartesian coordinates. Thanks I'll give this a try.
  2. Currently working with the PPMAC with 24E2A's and could use some advice on the obtaining the following motion profile: - Use current position as starting point - Define end point, amplitude, and frequency of motion profile - Using the above parameters, the robot moves in a sine wave with the overall average path of motion being a linear transition from the start to end point. See attached. Currently considering PVT mode but would like to avoid defining each curve independently. Any help would be much appreciated.
  3. We are in the development stages and trying to leave all configuration settings the same, minus one motor. Basically, we want to only change the setup parameters for Motor#3. Questions: 1) We have a full .tar backup which captures the motor#3 configuration we are looking for. Can we load only motor#3 parameters using the .tar? 2) Does #1 require locating a specific file from .tar and loading the system configuration? If so, where is the file located?
  4. We deleted the usralgo.ko from the bin/Debug directory and Built and downloaded the project - but did not get the usralgo.ko file back. This is supposed to be generated during the build process, correct?
  5. We are having a smiliar problem with our custom servo routine. UserAlgo.ServoCtrlAddr[1] = $0 and we have usralgo.ko in the bin/Debug folder on the PC. Any other reasons this would occur?
  6. Hi I am working with Lei. If we are running multiple 14M's on the fiber ring connected to the 5E and each 14M has two Analog signals coming back on it, do we have to divide this capture rate accordingly? For Example (2) 14M's x (2) signals each = 20.83KHz/ (2*2)? Thanks, Joe
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