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  1. That makes sense. Thank you for your suggestions. hrektts
  2. I would like to log data in a user servo. My program is composed of a user servo and a background C program. I want them to work as follows: 1) composes formatted string in a user servo <- I will use "sprintf" here. 2) passes the string to a FIFO, which I wrote, in a user servo 3) gets the string from a FIFO in a background C program 4) writes the string to a file Are there any established ways?
  3. Hi, I wonder if anyone can give me some advice please? I would like to use "sprintf" in User Servo Algorithm to format double variables. Are there any functions to achieve this? I found "rtsprintf" in /opt/ppmac/usralgo/usrcode.h in Power UMAC. However, it was just a prototype. Thanks, hrektts
  4. Hi, I recently upgraded to the latest IDE. (IDE 2.0 with Firmware My C Libraries can't be linked because of newly added LDFLAGS -Wl,-z,defs. For example, I get following errors when I build following programs which can be compiled with IDE 1.7. I do these because I have UMAC accessories specific libraries and application specific libraries, and the latter use the former. Are there any ways to change linker options? - Output window message Build Process For libbbb.so has started. ...\TestProject\C Language\Libraries\bbb\bbb.c(4,0): Warning : in file included from bbb.c ...\TestProject\C Language\Libraries\bbb\..\aaa\aaa.h(1,0): Warning : no newline at end of file ...\TestProject\TestProject.ppproj(125,5): Error : bbb.o: In function `FuncB': ...\TestProject\C Language\Libraries\bbbbbb.c(8,0): Error : undefined reference to `FuncA' ...\TestProject\TestProject.ppproj(125,5): Error : collect2: ld returned 1 exit status Build Process For libbbb.so has ended. - C Language/Libraries/aaa/aaa.c #include #include #include "../../Include/pp_proj.h" void FuncA(void) { int a, b, c; c = a + b; } - C Language/Libraries/aaa/aaa.h void FuncA(void); - C Language/Libraries/bbb/bbb.c #include #include #include "../../Include/pp_proj.h" #include "../aaa/aaa.h" void FuncB(void) { FuncA(); }
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