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  1. What's nb_counts_per_commutation in your file and how we can find it ?
  2. Do you have a detailled scheme like this image but in case of fully Closed-loop ?
  3. Hello, I have some questions concerned the direct current Motor[].IdCmd: - What is the role of Motor[].IdCmd ? - What is its impact in case of Open-loop or Close-loop ? - As I know, the command "out" injects the percent of the current Motor[].MaxDac. In the attached image, just Open-loop part, where this "out" current is injected ? What is the impact of Motor[].IdCmd in this case ? - In the same image, what's the use of Motor[].IdCmd in case of Close-loop because normally the Motor[].IqCmd adjusts all. Thanks Xuan
  4. Sorry, I mean double loop
  5. Hi everyone, Do you know how to configure a double boucle ? Thanks
  6. Hi everybody, Do you know how to configure a BISS Encoder ? I'm using Acc84B board. Thanks
  7. Hi everyone, Do you know how to configure a Resolver McLennan M543Cl500L integrated with servomotor DC same brand ? This motor is piloted by a external driver (McLennan). The motor is piloted by analog signal. It has double loop: a integrated Resolver and a incremental encoder Renishaw RESR RGH20F30J02A. Thanks
  8. Hi everyone, Do you know how to configure a picomotor NewFocus 8301 in open loop ? This picomotor is piloted by puls/dir signal via the NewFocus Driver and use incremental encoder. Thanks
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