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  1. You can define the M-variables directly instead of making them user-named pointers.. M1000->PowerBrick[0].GpioData[0].16.1; Keep in mind the way your project maps and defines the M-variables. By default, this mapping starts at M8192, so any M-variable below that can be used without it being overwritten once the ptr's are mapped. You can check this in the Properties of your project in the Solution Explorer.
  2. Has there been any progress on this issue? I am having this issue when the Tuning window is open with the IDE. Running the same firmware and IDE as mentioned. The RTI seems to be bogging down the PPMAC even though the same project has been run on previous firmware/IDE versions without any issues.
  3. I am working with a Power Brick AC controller that is running the version firmware. I tried updating the Power PMAC firmware to a newer version but no matter which version I used, the controller no longer detects the amplifiers in the system. I used the System Setup tool to confirm this and the fact that when the BrickAC.Reset element is set to 1, it gives an error that basically says no amplifier was detected in the system. I believe this might be a compatibility issue between the controller and amplifier firmware as stated above (or not???). Is this a reasonable assumption or do you know of something else that might be going wrong? Will this compatibility issue be addressed in the next firmware release and is there a tentative date for the release? I have read elsewhere on the forums that there should be a Dec 2015 release... Thanks, Chris
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