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  1. Try connecting directly to ftp server with ftp client. Validate that you can login with the *new* password?
  2. Good day Everyone -- I'm attempting to use the Disk Image backup mechanism from the IDE. I am able to mount the Windows shared folder via running this from the shell: mount -t cifs -o username=username,password='password' // /media/shared The password does have some special symbols, so I wrapped it with single quotes. I am able to access /media/shared no problem. However, if I attempt to use IDE in the Backup (Disk Image) menu, I receive an error unable to mount (Using the same credentials as command line) --------------------------- Error --------------------------- Unable to mount host computer's shared drive: \\ on /media/shared. Backup process aborted I Do notice the double backslash vs double frontslash is one of the possible issues. When I click the proceed button, does the above CLI command get executed? If I do not use the single quotes around my password, i get an error from CLI. I suspect this has something to do with it. Are you wrapping the user's password when building the command for linux cli? Thanks in Advance, Scott
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