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  1. Yes, enable the motor works. Thank you.
  2. Hello, I am using a Normally Close switch for Abort Input signal. Does anyone know how to recover the AbortAll signal after the switch is in healthy state? I know one way to do it is to do $$$ but I don't want to reset the controller.
  3. Hi, I use IDE and the CK3M firmware version is By the way, it seems that I found how to fix it: After 'save' the project, I have to launch $$$.
  4. Hello, I am using CK3M as a master to connect to a EtherCAT device. When I close the PowerPMAC IDE or disconnect the IDE from CK3M, the EtherCAT communication lost. Do you have any idea?
  5. Hi, I would like to ask how to change the resolver direction in PowerBrick LV. I followed the User's Manual: Motor[].PhaseOffset = – present value Motor[].PwmSf = – present value PowerBrick[].Chan[].EncCtrl = the opposite decode of the present value (e.g. 7 or 3) If using resolver or halls absolute power-on phasing: Motor[].AbsPhasePosSf = – present value Motor[].AbsPhasePosOffset = 2048 – present value If using resolver absolute power-on position: Motor[].AbsPosSf = – present value After that, I downloaded the code, read absolute position, did manual phasing. Phasing successfully However, the resolver direction did not change. Do you have any idea?
  6. Hi, I am using the PowerPMAC IDE version I have just noticed that the "Upload Project from PowerPMAC" does not exist anymore. Does anyone have any idea? Thanks
  7. Hi, I am using the PowerPMAC IDE I think it doesn’t allow me to do the Point-to-point tuning (Trapezoidal Tuning) with the message requires New Tuning Package. Do you have any idea?
  8. Can I use index structure L0 or Ldata.motor in a PLC? My intention is to make a loop for 8 motors in a PLC. In this loop, I need the index for Motor[index], kill, jog, etc. I also want to use the index L0 for indexing my global array.
  9. Hi, I have a CK3M and a AX1515P. Do you know how to set them to have true DAC output (+/-10V)? I also need to configure SSI encoder with them. I think it should be the same way as setting up in PowerBrick LV, right?
  10. Hi, I have a stage with: - DC Motor on channel 1. - Linear incremental encoder on channel 1. (Position loop) - Rotary incremental encoder shaft mounted on channel 2. (Velocity loop) How I can do to setup the dual-loop control in GeoBrick LV for that stage. I couldn't find anything in the TurboPMAC user manual. Thanks
  11. Hello, I would like to ask if there is a way to monitor the status of the Safety relay of the GeoMACRO Drive by software (e.g. M-variable)
  12. Hi, I always get AmpFault and I2TFault errors every time I download the project into PowerBrick. The only way to clear them is to save it and $$$. Has anyone experienced this issue?
  13. Hi everyone, Has anybody seen the issue that the limit switch cannot stop the "out" command moving even though it can stop the jog command? It's on PowerBrick lastest firmware
  14. Hello, I want to control stepper motors which receive the PFM output from 16-Axis MACRO CPU to Stepper Drive. That MACRO CPU is controlled by PowerBrick LV via MACRO link I have followed the PowerPMAC Users Manual, section "Setting up the MACRO Ring" but I could not have PFM output. Do you have any idea?
  15. Thank you for your answer. I have followed that user manual but I still cannot achieve my goals: 1. Having PFM output from MACRO Station to external stepper drive. 2. Control GPIO of MACRO Station. Do you have any ideas about those? Thanks
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