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  1. Hi I tested that the communication between ck3e and nx1p2 through the eip protocol according to the manual was not successful, and the ck3e firmware version is
  2. In order to gain remote access to the PMAC controller, I used the reverse proxy, SSH can communicate normally, but the Power PMAC IDE communication window has no port setting, how to change the port?
  3. OK,Thank you for your reply.
  4. My test found that PPMAC CK3M automatically runs fload on power up, is that true?
  5. I am having an issue with CK3E crashed,The crash occurred after I downloaded the program,The firmware version of this newly arrived controller is,However, this program works fine on the firmware version controller.Any help on why this is happening would be appreciated.
  6. Thanks for your reply. You're right. I used the "Motor[x].MasterMaxSpeed" and "Motor[x].MasterMaxAccel" to basically solve the problem.
  7. Hello, I'm currently using the Position-Following mode to implement a Jog/Increment Handwheel. I'm enabling following in normal mode (Motor[x].MasterCtrl = 1). I'm running into one issues with its behavior. The handwheel control axis normal at 0.1mm and 1mm per revolution, but the mechanism will make abnormal sound at 10mm per revolution, and it is normal at other modes of control.The handwheel has 400 pulses per turn,The controller CK3E,Is there any parameter that can improve this situation?
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