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I want use S-code to change Spindle speed in my program,but It doesn't look like it's working


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such as this,


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The S{data} command causes Power PMAC to load the value in {data} into the local variable D53 for the coordinate system executing the program. It takes no other action, unless Coord[x].Sprog (default is zero) is set to a value greater than zero to specify a subprogram call on this command. If Coord[x].Sprog is set to a value greater than 0 when this command is executed, then after setting D53 to the value of {data}, the subprogram whose number is specified by Coord[x].Sprog is called. If the specified subprogram has a numeric jump label with a value 1000 times that of {data}, the subprogram execution will start at that label. If it does not have a jump label with this value, the subprogram execution will start at the top and the value in D53 could be used. This is distinct from S{data} information passed as part of a subroutine call through a read(S) command; in that form, the value is placed in local variable D19 for the coordinate system.

Which method are you implementing?

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