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Solving EAccessViolation

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If PeWin32Pro2 crashes on startup with the EAccessViolation error message (shown below), look in the C:\Windows\PEWIN32PRO2.INI file and then locate and remove the correct INI file as specified by the ActiveIni line. PeWin will recreate the initialization file on startup. By default, this initialization file is PEWIN32PRO2_Default.INI in your PeWin32Pro2 folder (C:\Program Files\Delta Tau\PMAC Executive Pro2 Suite\Pewin32Pro2\ by default).



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I followed these instructions, but they did not work. PEWIN32Pro2 did not remake the .ini files, and I continue to get an EAccessViolation error message.

I'm using Windows 7 64-bit if that makes a difference. My PEWIN32PRO2.ini file had the following line:


That's the file I deleted per the post above.

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When you replace your INI-config file with the default one, you loose all your workspace settings (Project files, Layout, Editor fonts|colors, Settings of child windows etc.).


My way to go:


1. Get current INI-file from C:\Windows\PEWIN32PRO2.INI

2. Find and open file in text-editor

3. Remove line DefaultDevice=nnnnnn in the section [MainForm] or set DefaultDevice=0

4. Save file.

5. Run Pewin32


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We do not have any Flow Waterjet configuration or documentation files. You will need to contact Flow Waterjet for any service or troubleshooting of their machines. They will contact Omron technical support for any issues they cannot solve.


No tenemos ningún archivo de configuración o documentación de Flow Waterjet. Deberá ponerse en contacto con Flow Waterjet para cualquier servicio o solución de problemas de sus máquinas. Se comunicarán con el soporte técnico de Omron para cualquier problema que no puedan resolver.


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