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Feedrate override with ACC-36E analog input


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I am attempting to use an analog input from an ACC-36E in a UMAC rack to control the feedrate override on my machine tool. I am having a hard time getting the input into the encoder conversion table. Here is what I think I should be doing:


Set up ADC inputs. Three single ended inputs in unipolar pairs ADC#1 and #9 and ADC#2 and #10. Only using 1,2, and 9.



I5081=0 ;ADC# 1 & #9 Unipolar

I5082=1 ;ADC# 2 & #10 Unipolar

M5061->Y:$003400,12,12,U ;ADC# 1 Unipolar

M5062->Y:$003402,12,12,U ;ADC# 2 Unipolar

M5069->Y:$003401,12,12,U ;ADC# 9 Unipolar

M5070->Y:$003403,12,12,U ;ADC#10 Unipolar


After doing this, I can see the value of M5061 change in the watch window as I turn the potentiometer.


Now I am trying to run the first input through an exponential filter in the encoder conversion table and I cannot get a value from the output.


i8011 = $178C00 ;Is this the right address to reference the data that I can see in m5061?

i8012 = $D0350C ;Exponential filter referencing i8011 as input

i8013 = $001000 ;Max change

i8014 = $050000 ;Filter gain

i8015 = $0 ;End of table


I tried writing m7050 equal to i8014 to use as the buffered memory location for Isx93, but I just get the static number m7050 = 327680


Also, how do you scale your ECT result into a usable number for say, 0-150% override?


I will also be implementing this process for my spindle speed override as well.


Thank you,



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Process the address Y:$003400 as specified in the ACC-36E manual, "Using an Analog Input for Servo Feedback" and then process this ECT entry with the filter. The address at "78C00" is only the base address of the card and does not have the actual data until it has been de-multiplexed.
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