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set up for latch in ACC14E


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I have set up the parameters for latch in ACC14E with UMAC.

It works well in UMAC system.


But I don't know how to set up with PowerPMAC


I made encoder table with ACC14E and found that some counts is coming from external encoder. But the signal is not synchronized with PowerUMAC


The belows are the set up for latch in ACC14E with UMAC.


M7000->Y:$078C00,0,8 ; Bits 0-7

M7001->Y:$078C01,0,8 ; Bits 8-15

M7002->Y:$078C02,0,8 ; Bits 16-23

M7003->Y:$078C03,0,8 ; Bits 24-31

M7004->Y:$078C04,0,8 ; Bits 32-39

M7005->Y:$078C05,0,8 ; Bits 40-47

M7006->Y:$078C06,0,8 ; Register Selected

M7007->Y:$078C07,0,8 ; Control word



; Setup Variable 1 (Control Word Bit6,7:10)

M7007=$7F ; Setup Register 1: Inversion Control, Setup Register 1B: Latch Enable Invert

M7000=$FF ; non inverting (Bits0-7)

M7001=$FF ; non inverting (Bits8-15)

M7002=$FF ; non inverting (Bits16-23)

M7003=$FF ; non inverting (Bits24-31)

M7004=$FF ; non inverting (Bits32-39)

M7005=$FF ; non inverting (Bits40-47)

M7006=$3F ; A value of 0 in bit n causes the data to be latch on the falling edge of En.

; A value of 1 in Bit n causes the data to be latched on the rising edge of En.


; Setup Variable 2 (Control Word Bit6,7:01)

M7007=$BF ; Setup Register 2: Read Control,

M7000=$00 ; Binary Data Read (Bits0-7)

M7001=$00 ; Binary Data Read (Bits8-15)

M7002=$00 ; Binary Data Read (Bits16-23)

M7003=$00 ; Binary Data Read (Bits24-31)

M7004=$00 ; Binary Data Read (Bits32-39)

M7005=$00 ; Binary Data Read (Bits40-47)



; Setup Variable 3 (Control Word Bit6,7:11)

M7007=$FF ; Setup Register 3: Latch Control

M7000=$FF ; Latched Data Read (Bits0-7)

M7001=$FF ; Latched Data Read (Bits8-15)

M7002=$FF ; Latched Data Read (Bits16-23)





; Input/Output Setup (Control Word Bit6,7:00)

M7007 = $3F ; Data Registers

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All of your M-variables are represented by elements of the GateIo data structure, with "i" = 0 for your address.


Your M7000 - M7005 use GateIo[0].DataReg0 through GateIo[0].DataReg5.


Your M7006 uses GateIo[0].IntrReg.


You M7007 uses GateIo[0].CtrlReg.


You can use the "alias" of Acc14E[0] instead of GateIo[0] if you want - it may make your commands more obvious.


In Power PMAC, these ICs have saved initialization values using the GateIo.Init (or Acc14E[0].Init in your case) substructure holding memory registers. You can set these up once to eliminate the need to configure the actual hardware registers in your own PLC code every time you power up.

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