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Cannot achieve proper acceleration and velocity in motion program


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Try as I might, I cannot get the motion velocity and acceleration I desire in a motion program in linear move mode.


There has to be something really obvious that I'm overlooking.

My motor jog speed and max speed are both 200, motor Ta=50, Motor Ts=0, etc.


When I run the motion program and execute the command F{data}, the feed rate does vary with the value {data} up to a point and then further increases in {data} do not increase the velocity any further.


Similarly, I've tried ranges of Coord[].Ta and making it long will slow it down but making it short only increases the acceleration up to a point and then further increases in Ta have no effect.


Coord[].Ts is 0 which I understand disables it.


Nothing I've tried will achieve velocities and accelerations that I achieve through using rapid move mode or through simple jog commands.


What am I missing?

M. Shaver

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While jog moves use the Motor[x].JogSpeed, Motor[x].JogTa and Motor[x].JogTs values for the motion trajectory, the motion programs follow different set of rules defined by a couple of rules:

1. F (or TM), TA, TD and TS defined by motion program unless:

2. defined speed or acceleration by coordinate system is violating any of the motion safety parameters for any of the moving motors defined by Motor[x].MaxSpeed, Motor[x].InvAMax, Motor[x].InvDMax in which case the coordinate system will be slowed down such that the motion is within the defined realm for all motors in that CS.

3. Note that the Motor[x].MaxSpeed, Motor[x].InvAMax, Motor[x].InvDMax limits will be observed only in Linear, Rapid and circular moves. Circular moves and any kinematic routines require enabling of segmentation by setting Coord[x].SegMoveTime to a value greater that zero. If Coord[x].SegMoveTime is set to greater than 0, it is necessary to define advanced lookahead buffer (using DEFINE LOOKAHEAD command) in order to allow the lookahead process check for satisfaction of motion safety parameters throughout the motion.


I hope this helps.

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