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Pseudo-closed loop with stepper motor


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I have been developing a position capture application with 2 stepper motors with built in encoders. Now I have moved to 2 stepper motors but without encoders. This is going to be used for demonstration purpose of the application only, in the end there will probably be encoders anyway.


When I had the encoders everything worked fine, but since there are no encoders in the new setup there aren't any position to capture. Therefore I would like to set up a pseudo-closed loop for the new setup to be able to demonstrate the application.


I know I have to set:


and probably set I7mn6=2 to output the PFM, but I am not sure.


I tested it by reading M101 for the current position. But as soon as the motor is moved the position endlessly increments/decrements.


I also tried changing some PID parameters according to this suggestion:



But I had the same result.


How do I properly setup the pseudo-loop?


Thanks a lot. If my information is insufficient please tell me what to I need to add.

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Just noticed I have to change:

I102 from $078002 to $078004


But this breaks everything. I can't move the motor.


Other important variables might be:





From what I can see from the Software reference manual I103 and I104 are non standard.

I got this configration from a colleague. Trying to find out what they changed.


Also worth mentioning is that this is a Geo Brick LV IMS-II.

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