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I am using Delta Tau, PMAC-PCI-Lite ( 4 axis motion control card) 4-3657CF-1001-000000 with OPT-5CF( 80Mhz), OPT- 2V (DPRAM) since 2010 for our motion control application. Now I want to buy similar card as a spare for the existing one. Does Delta Tau support this card now? If yes, whether it will be a one to one replaceable ( including drivers, hardware and software)?
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Yes - this is a current part-number. Please contact you local ODT distributor or Omron sales channel to purchase this card.


Thanks Steve for your reply.

I tried contacting at following address ( as given in Delta Tau site)


Shop B2, Yakshanagari,

221, Kothrud Pune 411038

India Phone: +91 20 25381959

Email: info@deltatau.co.in

Phone number doesn't exists and there is no reply to an email sent to info@deltatau.co.in. Please help.

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Please contact our Technical Support group (support@deltatau.com) to help you find a distributor.

Ok..thank you..

I have one more doubt regarding part number..when I see the part number on the box in which old card was delivered, it reads like ' ISO-424137/DP#4-3657CF-1001-00000 Ver 105G, PMC-PCI LITE 4 Axis'

What part number I should ask in my new Purchase order to get this item ( one to one replaceable). Does this part number cover details like " OPT-5CF( 80Mhz), OPT- 2V (DPRAM) ".

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We are using PMAC PCI Lite (4 axes motion control card) for controlling 3 hydraulic servo valves [ out of 4 axes we are using only 3 axes, i.e axis 2,3 & 4) in position loop with encoder feedback. Encoder used is incremental encoders having A, A-, B, B- and C, C-(Marker) pulses. As we are using incremental encoder, we do a homing operation for each axis (by finding the marker pulse). System gets its actual positions after this referencing.

Sometime after this referencing (don’t know the exact instant), system is moving by its own to a new position, but PMAC is not detecting this movement. [After referencing we keep all axes at zero position, from this zero position system is moving to another position by itself (without any user command, and PMAC is not detecting this movement also]. This happened once in axis 2 and a second time in axis 3 (after two weeks of 1st incident, system was operating as expected between these two incidences).

We are using SCADA developed in LabVIEW as user interface for this system. PComm32W.dll drivers supplied by DELTA Tau are used in LabVIEW to access PMAC variables, loading motion programs etc.

What could be the reason for this unwanted movement? Any help is greatly appreciated.

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HMI is not sending any commands.

My HMI is a Computer with SCADA written in LabVIEW. It sends command to PMAC, and PMAC DAC command output is wired to our Servo Valve.


In case HMI sends a command due to any bug in SCADA, system may move, but why PMAC is not reading that movement. It shows always system is at zero position even though system is moving due to some bug either in HMI or in PMAC ( As I told in earlier, after referencing( homing) we move the System ( all three axes) to zero position and wait there.

Our doubt is that PMAC is not reading its encoder outputs for some time, or encoder is not giving its outputs for some time and during that time system is moving. Is there any such possibility?

System is operated with a hydraulic pressure of ~100bar and all axes are in closed loop. If by chance encoder/PMAC misbehaves for some time, system can drift by itself and PMAC is getting that movement details)

Is there any way in PMAC to detect encoder fault ( I guess it should be there, as we are using differential encoder inputs A, -A, B, -B and it will be easy to detect encoder failures in this configuration, if A is high, -A should be low or if A is low -A should be high for a healthy encoder).

Can i connect an absolute encoder with PMAC ( our PMAC card is 4-3657CF-1001-000000 with OPT-5CF( 80Mhz), OPT- 2V (DPRAM) )

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Based on our earlier discussions, I have a bought a new PMAC Lite card..

But now I find there is some jumper settings difference at E1, E2 and E100.

1. E1 and E2 are jumper 2-3 in old card and 1-2 in new card, subsequntly when i checked datasheet, it says it depending on IC used( U13 is 2803A and sourcing type[ 1-2] or U13 is 2981 and sinking type[2-3])..

Now it looks like i had old one with sourcing type, but and new one is sinking type. These oputputs, M01 to M08 , are used as general purpose outputs, so what changes should i make in my field wiring?

2. E100 is 1-2 in old one, but there is no jumper at all in new card, what sould i do here? I think I can put a jumper acros 1-2 and use, isn't it?

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