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Setup Pro2 - funny behavior when skipping channels config?


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Using Setup Pro2 to setup UMAC/TurboPMAC2 w ACC24E2A.


The ACC24E2A's channels 1 & 2 are dead, but 3 & 4 work.


I have a 2 axis application, so what the heck.


I bring up Setup Pro 2, and start configuring, leaving Motor 3 as channel 3 and Motor 4 as channel 4. The actual motors and amps are identicle.


Motor 3 has pos and neg limit switches. I get through configuring it just fine, Open loop test, a nice graph.


Motor 4 has no limits switches, so I disable position limits, otherwise the setup is the same as 3, and try and run Open Loop test, it complains about the positive position limit being true so it wont run?? The channel 4 front panel connector is empty! I even stuck channel 3's limits connector into channel 4, still complains?


entering open loop mode on motor 4 in terminal works?


I'm about to try again except make channel 3 motor 1, 4 motor 2


or am I wasting my time, (the ACC24 has problems), is there no other explaination other than a whacked board?


UPDATE: not the board, quirky bug in Setup Pro2

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