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Circle movement not working


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I am trying to create a circle move (1 quarter - 90 degrees) using the prog1.pmc code as below:

undefine all


#1->1711025 X

#8->1365276 Y

#2->2105867 Z

#7->393216 a


open prog 1

ta 125

ts 35

tm 1000

dwell 2000



G02 X0.25 Y0.25 I0.25 J0.25



For G-Code commands, I have also created subprog1.pmc as follow:

open subprog 1000

N0: rapid return;

N1000: linear return;

N2000: circle1;return;

N3000: circle2 return;

N9000: dwell 10 return;

N17000: normal K-1 return;

N18000: normal J-1 return;

N19000: normal I-1 return;

N90000: abs return;

N91000: inc return;



However, the output is just a LINEAR movement from current position to point (0.25,0.25). I tried several other ways, such as using circle1 directly in my prog1.pmc but none of them worked.


Can anyone help what might be the issue here?



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Have you set Coord[x].SegMoveTime to a value greater then zero?


Thanks for your response. I set Coord[1].SegMoveTime=10 and still it moves linear not circular. Is there any other parameter that I should change to have a circular move for X and Y?

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I think the move command you want is:


G02 X0.25 Y0.25 I0.25 J0


This specifies the center for the arc as +0.25 units in X from the starting point and 0.0 units in Y from the starting point.


Your move command specifies the center point the same as the ending point. It is not mathematically possible to create an actual arc for that.

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