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Is the speed of IntelliSense affected by the communication speed?


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The speed of intellisense in watch window is slow, so it consumes a lot of time.


In my opinion, it happens when the communication speed is slow.


Without an Ethernet hub, if i connect directly, IntelliSense works quickly.

(But I have to use Modbus.)


Is it possible to turn on/off intellisense for watch window?

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The IDE doesn't have an option to turn off IntelliSence.


Can you tell us following details that might help resolving the issue

- What CPU and System are you using ?

- IDE and Firmware version ?

- Does this happen all the time or with some specific project ?

- Speed of IntelliSence is slow in every window or just a watch window?

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The CPU is DualCore

I connected the CPU and PC using an Ethernet hub.

I have a background C program.

This program enables Ethernet communication with other devices.

PLC is running a lot. (The load factor of CPU[0] is 80%.)

There are about 20000 global definitions.


Thank you for your help!

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Make sure to disable the “Green” settings on the PC’s NIC and Ethernet switch. For the Ethernet switch, check the user’s manual for details on disabling the “Green” settings (Green Ethernet power saving mode, as well as Energy-Efficient Ethernet (EEE) mode) – they are all different. You should be able to “Google” your switch for these settings.

NIC settings.pdf

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