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After Changing Memory Size, PPMac does not Working.

wonjae lee

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I'm using PMac APM CPU (485).

I need to sizing up my memory, because i need to download 500MB size NC-Code.

After i size up memory to 510MB, Download, Save, ReBoot, 

WatchDog has red light, and My Power PMac doesn't working.


Can't connect by PMac IDE.


i tried to initialize PPMac,  by taking off my Axis Control Card, Reboot. 

but it does not working.


Is there anyway to initialize my Power PMac?


I can't use pmac ide S/W Because, in PMac IDE, i can't connect to my PPMac.


i ping to by CMD. it was responded.


if anyone has anything solution about this,  

let me know, please.





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Top Posters In This Topic

Use the “PowerPmacFactoryReset Folder” in a USB stick to clear the HW watchdog. On power-on or reset, Power PMAC automatically checks any present USB memory sticks or SD memory cards for certain folder names. The existence of any of these folders at the top level forces the Power PMAC into a special mode (known as “recovery mode”) instead of the normal operational mode.


If this does not work this may be repairable with a re-image. Contact your local Omron repair center or distributor to start a repair.


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