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  1. Good to know, that's really useful. Thank you!
  2. Hello, I would like to know if is it possible to use the built-in linear algebra operations in a C script for the Kinematics. For example, to use the Newton-Raphson method to solve kinematics I would need to calculate matrix multiplications and matrix inversion. Using CfromScript(), is it possible to use the built-in matrix operations? Or I would have to create my own matrix operations functions (or try installing an external library like C BLAS)? If it's possible, is there any example available?
  3. Thank you by your advice. I had success driving 150 mA and 400 mA motors before, so it should not be a problem. But this time we suspect of the combination of low current and low inductance, that may cause higher current ripples. Do you think increasing PWM frequency can help in this case? The currently frequency is 20 kHz.
  4. Hello, I have to drive a low current two phase stepper motor using the 5/15A PWM Amplifier. The motor has a RMS current per phase equal to 220 mA. The Resistance is 7.4 ohms and the inductance is 2.1 mH. I would like to know if there are recommendations about a safe Current Loop Tuning, talking about the starting PI gains and I2T configuration. I'm using: GLOBAL Ch6MaxAdc = 33.85; GLOBAL Ch6RmsContCur = 0.17 GLOBAL Ch6RmsPeakCur = 2 *(Ch6RmsContCur); GLOBAL Ch6TimeAtPeak = 0.1; Motor[6].MaxDac = Ch6RmsPeakCur * 40132.44 / Ch6MaxAdc Motor[6].I2TSet = Ch6RmsContCur * 40132.44 / Ch6MaxAdc Motor[6].I2tTrip = (POW(Motor[6].MaxDac,2) - POW(Motor[6].I2TSet,2)) * Ch6TimeAtPeak Motor[6].IdCmd = Motor[6].I2TSet/2; The Current Step Magnitude I want to use is 150 bits (same for Rough Phasing) (less than the I2TSet value). I have already damaged a same model motor, so it's important to do the current tuning process in a safe way, considering that is a low current and low inductance motor, that might be fragile over possible current peaks. Any sugestions about driving low current and low inductance motors with the 5/15A amplifier? Starting safe gains? Any condition that would bypass the I2T set to consider using external fuses?
  5. By captured position I mean ActPos - HomePos, that is the position we see in the IDE. I'm using AA this way: First A as 7 because we have 25 bits of data, we need to shift 7 bits to the left to have it as MSBs, it can be done using the first A as indicated in the manual. The second A is set as 2 to get the conversion from gray code to unsigned binary. I even tried using $02 instead of $72, without this shift, but get the same results, sometimes it just goes to zero (both ActPos and HomePos goes zero). The rest is exactly as you pointed. I tried testing changes in PowerOnMode too, do you have a guess about this parameter? It's a stepper motor and I'm using hybrid mode. I would keep PowerOnMode as 2, but I tried other configurations.
  6. Yes, I understand that. But my problem is that if I move motor till a X in the capture position and then do a reset (using $$$ or in the source), the capture position that is read is different than it was before, without moving motor again. I've tried working with the PowerOnMode and the AbsPosFormat, but with no success. And sometimes if I do a second reset after the first one, the capture pos values goes to zero, really strange behaviour.
  7. Right, ActPos is relative to the absolute power on position, so it should be an absolute position when using an absolute encoder. The Capture Pos depends on the ActPos value and the HomePos value, shouldn't the HomePos position always be absolute 0 as reference position for absolute encoder? It's absolute, the zero is known, after a reset the encoder reference should not change, and the ActPos should not too as it's reading an absolute position value (raw data), so what could be changing the read value after a reset? (the motor is not moved).
  8. Hello, I'm working in a project and the Encoder I'm using is a SSI Absolute (25 Bits - 13 Bits Single Turn, 12 Bits Multiturn, Gray Code). I'm currently getting a strange behaviour from the capture position. Everytime I do a reset with the motor in a position, the capture position changes to a different one, what is not expected from an absolute encoder. Since the capture pos depends on the HomePos, I checked and it is what is changing everytime a reset is done. The HomePos is related to the last position before the reset and not to the reference zero as it should be expected while using an absolute encoder. I would like to know what could be causing this behaviour and what parameter might be related to it. Some Info of my project: PowerBrick[0].Chan[2].SerialEncCmd = $1819; Motor[4].pAbsPos=PowerBrick[0].Chan[3].SerialEncDataA.a; Motor[4].AbsPosFormat=$72001907;
  9. Changing gather.period to 2 worked. I guess that 10 kHz sampling frequency (servo frequency) was too fast for acquiring and wiriting data properly in this case. Thank you all for the attention.
  10. Yes, it worked, really thank you. I still have the issue of the file limitation. Even if a change Gather.MaxLines to a high number (around 1000000), I'm still getting only 16000 lines that are just for the last 3.5 seconds of a 20 seconds motion program I'm running right now.
  11. Hello, I'm having some trouble when trying to gather Sys.Time values into a file. I'm running a motion program: gather.enable = 0 Gather.addr[0]=Sys.Time.a Gather.addr[1]=Motor[2].ActPos.a Gather.addr[2]=Motor[4].ActPos.a Gather.addr[3]=Motor[2].ActVel.a Gather.addr[4]=Motor[4].ActVel.a Gather.items=5 Gather.Period=1 gather.enable = 3; dwell 0 --motion code--- gather.enable = 0; dwell 0 enable plc GATHERPLC // sends system "gather -u /var/ftp/gather/data.txt" But when I check the generated data file, the first column values does not match with the values I expected and see for Sys.Time on the Watch window. I tried to change Gather.Type[0] to 5, but I got weird numbers. The rest of the columns are ok with the variables as it was specified. I would like to have Sys.Time value in seconds. Another problem I'm having is that the full motion program have duration of 51 seconds, and the gather file has only information for the last 12 seconds, it's missing data. Is it beacause of any file limitation size?
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