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  1. Hi I found My servo driver is reporting error 30.0 on it’s seven segment display. Is it a hardware wiring problem? Thanks.
  2. Hi Eric, Thank for your help! After checked the PDO settings, I found an amplifier error in the system. The error is: amplifier fault test: Motor[1].AmoFault = 1 And I also notice the product ID in my motor's setting is 0x00000007; however, someone else's product ID is 0x00000002. My controller is CK3E and my Servo Driver is R88D-KN04H-ECT. Is there any relationship between the error and my product ID? Thanks a lot! Regards, Han
  3. Hi Eric, The 'startup guide G5-series Servo Drivers' is a manul I found from OMRON's website. It can be found via: http://www.omron.com.au/products/family/3545/download/manual.html. It's name is:CK3E-[][][][], CK3M-CPU1[]1, NY51[]-A[][][] Programmable Multi-Axis Controller Startup Guide (G5-series Servo Drivers(IDEv4)) I tried your suggestion and the system still don't move. I will keep working on this and try to read as much manual as possible. BTW, could you give me some suggestion on how to get start with the power Pmac? Thanks a lot. Han
  4. Hi, I'm new to Power PMAC and I am working on CK3E Power PMAC and G5-series Servo Drivers. I set-up a project following the "startup guide G5-series Servo Drivers" on IDEv4. However, the Servo did not rotate when I run the program. I tried #1j+ and #1j- commands and I noticed that the following error in the Position window changed when I typed the command. However, the Position and velocity didn't change when I run the commands. Could anyone give me some hint on how to solve this problem? Thanks a lot. Regards, Han
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