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  1. We would like to upgrade the components and existing the controller, digital IO, and auto-guiding is supporting for visual basic 6 platforms. List of components purchased for applications: We have a CK3M controller, We would like to use the Visual Studio 2019 as a common platform. 1. Motion controller (CK3M), 2. digital IO board from Measurement computing 3. Auto guiding camera PCI express card from Mintron. The attached documents mention that clearly, The IDE is developed in visual studio platform(Refer pg no:6 CK3M) Clarifications: we have purchased the PDK and visual studio software 2019 platform. We will use the visual studio platform, motion controller function which was used in IDE, and along with our requirements of other digital IO and auto-guiding PCI express card function, can we write in the visual studio 2019? OR Share the development activities scheme and required manual for the same. Can you write an elaborate email for the GUI development activities to combine all the three boards in the same platform ? Share the code if you have anything related to this. Advance thanks for your support. Rajalingam kodailingam@gmail.com
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