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  1. Thanks for your reply. What I want to know is whether the output data from I5001 to I5003 matches the value of the motor's command position. Is there another way to decode the hex or binary output?
  2. I did gethering in the following way. ① PewinTerminalに I5000 = 1 I5001 = $00008B (Data Address // Instruction Location of Motor 1) I5002 = $00010B (data address // instruction location of motor 2) I5003 = $00018B (data address // instruction location of motor 3) I5049 = 10 I5050 = $7 M1000 = X:$003120,0,24 M1001 = Y:$003120,0,24 End Gat Del Gat Define Gat GAT End GAT and threw the List Gather command. Is there any problem with this coding to gather? ② List Gather and received the following results. Is this data a 48-bit hexadecimal floating point? I'd like to know the format of this data type, but could you tell me? Also, I would appreciate it if you could tell me how to decode this data. FFC516FED8FD 95DF930060A7 FFC5DCFED93B 95DF9D0060B8 FFC4EEFED8DB 95DFA700609B FFC5E9FED93F 95DFB100608F FFC4E1FED8C9 95DFBB0060E9 FFC5E4FED93F 95DFC5006095 FFC4D5FED8BC 95DFCF0060A2 FFC5DEFFD932 95DFD90060B0
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