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  1. Final Update: Followed the Omron representatives instructions above, and got the software up and running! It was faster to contact Omron's closest distributor directly instead of putting in a request to get in contact with one them.
  2. That is great news! I'll put that order in for the software key now then.
  3. Hey @steve.milici, any chance you know whether I can use Pro 2 in place of Pro 1? If not that is fine too.
  4. Sweet! That is great news. Thanks for the help Steve!
  5. Also, if you happen to know, do you need internet access to input the Site Key to activate your license? And do you need internet access to transfer a license? Thank you for your time. @steve.milici
  6. I just want to update this post, and say that contacting the distributer was successful for purchasing the serial number, but worked faster when I emailed them directly instead of submitting my information. Heads up to anyone who reads this post later!
  7. Hello, I am currently using a PMAC2 PC/104, and in the documentation it says to control it with PeWIN32Pro. However, I would prefer to use a new version of the program, PeWIN32Pro 2. Is this possible? Or does this specific PMAC only work with the original PeWIN32Pro software? Thank you for your time
  8. Thanks for the help Steve! I'll take a look at this and find my nearest distributor.
  9. Hello, I recently installed Pewin32pro2 on a Windows XP computer to interface with a PMAC2A-PC/104. I acquired the software from the Delta Tau Legacy software on the Omron page, but it does not include the Site Key to my knowledge. How would I best be able to acquire a key for this software license? Thank you for your time.
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