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  1. From manual sugested M vars Motor #1 Axis Definition Registers M191->L:$0000CF ; #1 X/U/A/B/C-Axis scale factor (cts/unit) M192->L:$0000D0 ; #1 Y/V-Axis scale factor (cts/unit) M193->L:$0000D1 ; #1 Z/W-Axis scale factor (cts/unit) M194->L:$0000D2 ; #1 Axis offset (cts) Motor #2 Axis Definition Registers M291->L:$00014F ; #2 X/U/A/B/C-Axis scale factor (cts/unit) M292->L:$000150 ; #2 Y/V-Axis scale factor (cts/unit) M293->L:$000151 ; #2 Z/W-Axis scale factor (cts/unit) M294->L:$000152 ; #2 Axis offset (cts)
  2. Sorry my mistake. You want Mill.M.
  3. The M-code from NC will call program 1001 line M-code * 1000 (M21 will run N21000) Open Mill.h (if you have one) in pewin. It should have been made by NC setup and installed in your machine directory Add this at the top after all the #includes [code] #define RL_Shutter M3001 M3001->Y:$078802,0,1 // Output 1 J6 Pin#12 Pin#30 [/code] Then add this before // End of Program N30000 [code] //---------------------------- // M21 shutter Open //---------------------------- N21000 DWE0 RL_Shutter== 1 DWE0 RET //---------------------------- // M22 Shutter Closed //---------------------------- N22000 DWE0 RL_Shutter== 0 DWE0 RET [/code] Download the file. Then in NC in MDI mode run the following G1 P.1 M21 G1 P4 M22 G1 P.1 M30 It should open the shutter for 4 second then close it. Let me know if this helps.
  4. Ron22

    HOMEZ command

    Why dont you use Ixx26 Motor xx Home Offset instead? The only time I have needed to use HOMEZ is when the move is to big for the offest. I always check to make sure it is in posistion before issuing a HOMEZ WHILE(DES_VEL_ZERO_2_M = OFF OR IN_POS_2_M = OFF) ENDWHILE HOMEZ 2
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