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  1. Has anyone come up with a good method to determine the scan time of a single PLC? I have used the servo clock to come up with a total time for all PLC's, but was looking for a method to calculate individual PLC's with more accuracy than a servo interrupt. Thanks
  2. What constitutes an encoder count error? I am tring to help troubleshoot an issue with a UMAC ACC24-E2A tied to an Incremental Quadrature Encoder. The installation has been functioning for ~2years and now started getting encoder count error faults (X:$078208,8) bit gets set. The encoder, ACC24-E2A board, UMAC rack, encoder Isolator, and field wires. Not sure what to check next, but would like to know exactly what the ACC24-E2A board looks at in determinining an encoder count error. Thanks
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