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  1. Yes, these motors have a brake. As you approach full speed the noise is much more noticeable. Also when moving the motors by hand with the geobrick disconnected there seems to be more noticeable trouble turning the shaft every 90 degrees or so. The motor is a four poles, 220V AC induction servo with Endat 2.1 Absolute encoders. Through tuning I have reduced the noise and it will follow perfectly a step move,sin wave move, and trapezoidal move. I am going back to the motor manufacture again with the noise it is making and see if I can get more from them or see if the brake could be causing, the noise. Thanks for the help.
  2. The issue follows the motor though different channels and as of this morning different tuning setups. I'm going to continue trying some new things and get in touch with the motor reps.
  3. I have 6 AC Motors controlled by a geobrick all the motors are the same. This exact same setup has been used on a previous job and all the motors work fine. Today I was running all the motors to their zero position and applying the brake and turning them back off. When I started with the 5th motor i noticed a clicking sound that increased with speed. After checking the motor mechanically I believe it maybe electrically based. How would you go about checking this. All motors were phased and tuned with the same method and parameters respectively.
  4. Thanks that's exactly what I need. I will definitely try the PLC you suggested in you previous post. Your help has been invaluable thanks again.
  5. Thanks for the tuning guide. I'm interested in the PLC's you are talking about. If your example only shows one motor I'm sure I can modify it for my application. Again thanks for the help.
  6. Hello, I have a Stewart Platform and the tuning of the servos seem to be off. I'm having trouble tuning the motors while they are coupled to the top platform of the Stewart Platform. Are there any documents on manual tuning of motors? Also this platform changes from being horizontal to vertical so should I tune for both of the different configurations and find some happy medium or can you change tuning settings on the fly. I should also mention that this Stewart Platform was my first motion project with more that one axis and also my first with a Delta Tau project so I'm probably behind the curve on tuning and other motion concepts. I can post more information about the Stewart Platform, motors, controller, and load if more specific information is needed.
  7. Sina, Thanks I believe there is enough processor left to do what I need to do. I need to show the amount of travel left on the coordinate system. Do you know an easy way to do this? I currently loop through the inverse kinematic equations while increasing the pose to get the values I need. The way I'm currently doing it works but, I'm always open to new Ideas.
  8. I'm currently working on a hexapod using a GeoBrock with the 80mhz processor. The customer requires showing how much travel is left on each axis after the previous move is completed. I have completed the code to make this happen in VB and I'm trying to decide if I should port the code to the GeoBrick or my HMI. This bit of code is fairly large and I am concerned about it affecting performance of my GeoBrick. Is there any way to look at my current program/kinematics running and determine if adding this large chunk of code will adversely affect the operation of the hexapod? Thanks.
  9. You were right Richard, there was a problem with both the forward kinematics and the reporting plc. I got both of the problems corrected and now the hexapod is working correctly. I want to say that the help provided by Delta Tau (you, Sina, Davis Gentry, and Mike Esposito) has been exceptional. Thanks again.
  10. I'm building a Stewart platform(hexapod) and on the first commanded move the unit works correctly but, on any move after that the all the actuators return to zero travel and then move to the commanded position. Any help or suggestions to resolve this problem would be appreciated.
  11. I'm having problems finding info on setting up a coordinate system with a geo brick. Can anyone point me to the right direction with the manuals or online documentation. Thanks
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