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  1. Hello! I figured out the problem. The problem is firmware When I replaced the controller with a new one, everything worked with firmware . I updated PowerPMAС to version and it worked. I upgraded PowerPMAK to version and it worked. Where can I get the latest update for CPU 465(Clipper)? Thank you! Andrey.
  2. Hello! I have a problem with the controller Clipper APM86xx freezing. I am using Power PMAC-NC 8 axes. In manual mode, everything works well. In Auto and MDI mode, when starting on the G0X100Z-100 frame, the controller starts moving and freezes (stops working). It starts to work after a full reboot. What could be? Сontroller configuration 8 axis . ACC-8FS -2 boards ACC-24S3-1 board Thanks in advance for your help.
  3. Many thanks to all, special thanks to AAnikstein. I managed to configure it in torque mode. Below are the parameters that turned out: Motor[5].Servo.Kp=0.026616275 Motor[5].Servo.Kvfb = 0.46887201 Motor[5].Servo.Kvff = 0.46887201 Motor[5].Servo.Ki = 0.015661255 Motor[5].Servo.Kaff = 4.0185695 Motor[5].FatalFeLimit = 20000 Motor[5].WarnFeLimit = 8000
  4. Thank . I tried with Kp = 1, tomorrow I will write what happened.
  5. Thanks for the help. Torque setting failed no works. Positional mode works.
  6. I am using a controller Power PMAC Clipper, IDE installed Motor[1].FatalFeLimit=50000 more than. Also tried to change the coefficients Kp Kd Kvf.
  7. Thanks for the answer. I tuned in Cyclic synchronous position mode and the drive worked. When setting in the Cyclic Synchronous Torque Mode, I reset Motor [1] .FatalFeLimit. =0 the error variable, the engine vibrated a lot, changing the coefficients nothing helped. Slave_0_6060_0_Modesofoperation=10; Slave_0_607F_0_Maxprofilevelocit=exp2(20)*3000/60; Slave_0_60E0_0_PositiveTorqueLim=3000; Slave_0_60E1_0_NegativeTorqueLim=3000; if 60Е0 = 100 and 60Е1 = 100 there is no moment, but does not knock out. The direction scaling factor makes it even worse. Thanks for the help. If you need a complete setup I will write.
  8. I am using a controller Power PMAC Clipper, IDE Incremental encoder 20 bits. When I turn on the drive #1j/, disconnected by mistake FeFatal. Motor [1] .FatalFeLimit. = 3000; Help me please.
  9. Hello! I configured the drive in accordance with the OMRON G5 EtherCAT instructions. By command # 1out0, the drive turns on, and 00 appears on the drive indicator. When I turn on the drive in servo mode, the FeFatal motor error. I use a motor with an incremental encoder. What have I done wrong? Filled the following values in the IOData column: # x6060 10 # x607F 83886080 for 20-bit incremental encoders. # x60E0 3000 # x60E1 3000 Type of drive R88D-KN15F-ECT and motor R88M-k1k030F-S2. Best regards Andrey.
  10. If you declare the table EncTable [16], you will not be able to write. best regards Andrey.
  11. Thanks for the answer. It makes sense. This mode is often used in lathes. In the previous version, the NC-PRO 2 was implemented in the PLC program. Today I found one of the ways. I used a free address EncTable [16] .DeltaPos = EncTable [13] .DeltaPos * 0.01 * varOverraid; Coord [1] .pDesTimeBase = EncTable [16] .DeltaPos.a; varOverraid = 0 -150% it all worked. best regards Andrey.
  12. Hello! In the PPNC program, we use the “% n” adjustment in plc OverridePLC as Coord [1] .DesTimeBase = Sys.ServoPeriod * RapidOverrideInput / 100. How to adjust the "feed override" with External Time-Base ? my settings: EncTable[13].type=1 EncTable[13].pEnc=Clipper[1].Chan[1].ServoCapt.a plc spindle EncTable[13].ScaleFactor=1/(256*RTIF) RTIF=SpindleCtsRev*VS_SPINDLE_MAX_LIM_M/60000; plc OverridePLC Coord[1].pDesTimeBase= EncTable[13].DeltaPos.a; //TIMEBASE_M =FPR_TIMEBASE Coord[1].TimeBaseSlew=1 //MED_SLEW; The program works. How to adjust the "feed override" with External Time-Base ? best regards Andrey. ppnc_Myoverride.txt
  13. Thanks, I know about this method. There is a such metod for PowerPMAC ?
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