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  1. Where can I down load the Simulink interface?
  2. Could you provide the "ar" program of cygwin? I need this program to create library files. I know the IDE does not accept user-provided library and rewrites the makefile each time. I am using cygwin to directly to compile the model. I will modify the makefile after the IDE generates the first makefile.
  3. The IDE hangs at the step of “Please Wait while mapping Power PMAC variables” after a build command is initiated. Any suggestion?
  4. The two cards (COM-DPM and COM-COM) phyaically are identical. There is no marking for differentiation, at least not from the visible side.
  5. I have three ACC-72E cards with me. One of them is supposed to be a Profibus card, while the other two are CAN cards. However, they all look the same. How to tell one from the other?
  6. Has anybody installed the 64-bit IDE in a Window 64-bit XP?
  7. When I installed "WindowsXP-KB898715-x64-enu.exe", it reported my system had a new version and did not complete the installation. Didn't say which version my system has. For sure it was not 3.1, because the IDE installer insisted I had to install 3.1. I did get the 4.5 version installed. However, the IDE installer still insisted I had to install 3.1. Any idea?
  8. The IDE setup requires "Windows Installer 3.1". Cannot find a copy for 64-bit Windows XP. Does anyone know where to down load?
  9. Is there an example of setting up the Web server?
  10. Is there an example C progrm that read from and write to the ACC-72E CANopen card? Thanks, HC
  11. I tried. "Power PMAC Help" is the only option under the "Filtered by:" pull-down menu. I tried both "(unfiltered)" and "Power PMAC Help". Both options searched only under the "Power PMAC Help" content. Does the "Power PMAC Installer" changed the setting?
  12. After I installed the Power PMAC, my Help search of Visual Studio was changed to search under Power PMAC only. It does not search for other regular helps, such as C++. Any suggestion?
  13. Does Delta Tau offer the RS232 connector? Any one knows the Digikey part number for the matching socket connectors of the RS232 port of the CPU module? Would this one “C1AXG-1036M-ND” work?
  14. I am trying to set up a hardware-in-the-loop simulation, which has the PPMac controller uses TCP to exchanges control signals and plant responses with a Simulink plant model in PC. I have an example C program for the Linux side, but don’t have one for the Windows side. I am programming with C language. Where can I down load the communication library?
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