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  1. Sina, Thanks for the quick response. I'm assuming that the captured position is stored in the position capture register X:$07xx0x" pg 510 of Turbo Software reference manual. Is the position capture register only 24 bits wide? Islay
  2. I'm looking for an example or documentation the shows how to capture all axis position (counts) when an external trigger occurs. The external trigger will occur multipule times during a move at a regular interval as fast as every 2 milliseconds. The position data will be saved in a rotary buffer and extracted by the user software before buffer is full. Any help will be greatly apperciated. Thanks, Islay
  3. Where can I find the documentation for the ERRORS returned in the RESPONSE argument from the "GetResponseEX" call. See Example Below: "\aERR015\r" Islay
  4. Thanks Sina that works. Islay
  5. Does the functionality exist to select and test a PMAC device without having to display the dialog box "pmacDevice.Selectdevice". My computer will only be attached to 1 device and I don't want to require the operator to select a that device. Thanks, Islay
  6. Sina, I am able to successfully at performing the functions below: CoInitialize(NULL); testInterface = pmacDevice.CreateDispatch(_T("PcommServer.PmacDevice.1")); pmacDevice.SelectDevice(NULL,&dwDevice,&pbSuccess); pmacDevice.Open(dwDevice,&pbSuccess); pAvail = pmacDevice.GetDPRAvailable(dwDevice ); DPLenWords = pmacDevice.GetDPRSize(dwDevice); However when I try to do a GetResponseEx pmacDevice.GetResponseEx(dwDevice,Quest,bAddLF,pAns,&DPSuccess); I'm not sure how to interperate the results. DPSuccess = 0x80000007 which is good, but I don't unstand what is in the pAns (answer). Do you have any "Visual Studio 6.0" C++ examples that call pmacDevice.GetResponseEx(dwDevice,Quest,bAddLF,pAns,&DPSuccess); and dispaly the results? see code below. // TODO: Add Delta Tau extra initialization here long testInterface; long dwDevice; BOOL pbSuccess; CoInitialize(NULL); testInterface = pmacDevice.CreateDispatch(_T("PcommServer.PmacDevice.1")); if (!testInterface) AfxMessageBox("Can Not Connect PcommServer Interface "); pmacDevice.SelectDevice(NULL,&dwDevice,&pbSuccess); pmacDevice.Open(dwDevice,&pbSuccess); bool pAvail; pAvail = pmacDevice.GetDPRAvailable(dwDevice ); long DPLenWords, DPSuccess; VARIANT_BOOL bAddLF = true; DPLenWords = pmacDevice.GetDPRSize(dwDevice); char Question[2000]; LPCTSTR Quest ; BSTR pAns[5000] ; CString SAns; Quest = Question; sprintf(Question,"I8000"); pmacDevice.GetResponseEx(dwDevice,Quest,bAddLF,pAns,&DPSuccess); // TODO: End Add Delta Tau extra initialization here Thanks, Islay
  7. Thanks Sina, I just received the examples and was able to communicate with the Clipper board. Thanks, Islay
  8. Does anyone have a simple example for C++ in Visual Studion 6.0, to communicate with a Turbo PMAC Clipper Board over USB. Is there any documentation for setup. Thanks, Islay
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