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  1. Attempting to remotely assist with installing a new PC on a system with a Geo Brick - USB communication. New PC running WIN7 32 bit, old PC running Win XP. The new PC sees the Brick as an ACC54E USB2, but can't find the driver. The hardware ID shows as USB\VID_0AA2&PID_00CA&REV_000 instead of the normal USB\VID_0AA2&PID_0007&REV_000. I suspect this is why the driver won't load. The system still works fine with the old PC. Any ideas what might be causing this? Thanks Jerry
  2. For compensating XY perpendicularity it is much easier to do it in your coordinate system definition. For example: #1->9990X-5Y #2->10002Y The angle between the axis determines the relative values. This only addresses perpendicularity, straightness would have to be done with a 2D table.
  3. I probably should have mentioned that I was using PeWin32Pro not Pro2. I have used it with non-Turbo PMACs and it works. The messages just show up in the terminal window. I thought there might be a separate SENDx command for the ethernet port. Thanks Jerry
  4. On a Turbo PMAC the SEND command has been changed to SENDP, SENDR, etc. Is there a command to send a message with ethernet or USB communication? I could not find anything in the SRM. Thanks Jerry
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