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  1. We have some code in a C++ program which reads: bool ZHeadCtrl::StartTrace(Context * c) { ENTRY(c, Name); char szdata[CHAR_BUF_SIZE + 1]; if (GetResponse(const_cast("Gather.enable = 2"), szdata, CHAR_BUF_SIZE, 0)) { printf(szdata); EXIT(c, Name); return CMD_PROCESSOR_ERROR; } EXIT(c, Name); return true; } The problem is I want to make this non-blocking. I think I could substitute the GetResponse with a Command .. so something like if (Command(const_cast("Gather.enable = 2")) {...} However the documentation does not specify whether or not Command is blocking or not, nor does it tell me if it is non-blocking how I might get the response later. Please help..
  2. Was this issue ever solved? We are having this issue across all of our PPMACs. The boot up failure rate is about 20%.
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