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  1. I'm interested in putting a PCIe x4 reflective memory card on the bus, and I'm wondering if the mechanical configuration will accept a standard PCIe card.
  2. Where can I find some documentation on the physical configuration of the PCIe bus for Power PMAC? Is there a hardware manual for the CPU card?
  3. I want to use a high resolution sincos encoder with 1.6e6=2^21 lines and interpolation to 16,384=2^14 per line. That requires a dynamic range of 35 bits. 1. Does power PMAC have enough dynamic range in its servo calculations to support this? 2. What is the maximum input frequency for an ACC-24 or ACC-51 sincos input? 3. Is the maximum input frequency the same for a TTL quadrature encoder?
  4. Thanks. Which of the manuals will tell me more about USHM?
  5. I have an application where I want to follow a path in (position, velocity, time). A host computer will provide a new position and velocity every 10ms, indicating where the axis must be on, e.g., the next but one 10ms tick. I want PMAC to execute PVT commands to follow the commanded positions. The timing accuracy of commands must be ~10us. In the past I have handled a similar application using PMAC's DPRAM to pass positions from the host to the motion program, with some flags in the DPRAM to control the data flow. Is there a way to pass positions to a motion program in power PMAC with this type of timing synchronization?
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