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  1. I want to write a PLC or someting to do this. Take the PLC for example,when the PLC run:the acc of motor2 will be -0.5 times of the acc of motor 1, and when acc of motor 1 is 0 (and vel is 0), the motor 2 may move slowly to a good positon for next acc follow. How to do this? Badly for your help!
  2. Our PowerBrickContoller's model P/N is PBC8-H24-330-AE00300 (manufactured in 2019), the amplifier is GLENTEK's SMC 9G16-23-001-AA100-A1-1-2. The user manual (version 2017) only shows how to configure common Non-Commutated Motor Setup Elements. But we need PowerBrickContoller to commutate, and the amplifier to do the close current loop. And the user manual (version 2022.7.28) explained the command how to configure that PBC to do the commutation, and the amplifier to do the close current loop. But we still can't control the amplifier, the voltage between DACA+ and GND in AMP connector looked like square wave form but not the sin wave form as we expected. Meanwhile, the motor is vibrating when we use #1out0.1. In manual version 2017, the gate3[0].dacStrobe's value is $7fffe000, but in manual (version 2022) the gate3[0].dacStrobe's value is $ffff0000. There is voltage output (between DACA+ and GND in AMP connector) when we set gate3[0].dacStrobe=$7fffe000, but there is no voltage output when we set gate3[0].dacStrobe=$ffff0000. Besides setting gate3[0].dacStrobe=$7fffe000, do we need set other related parameters for commutation in PBC? Can you show us the whole configure in forms of manual 2017 page 156, so we can use them easier. Badly for your help.
  3. Two linear motors share one feedback and move vertically. We want only #1 motor to be in position close loop for the acceleration and deceleration's part, and only #2 motor be in position close loop for the constant velocity's part.How to realize it?
  4. You can click the picture, then it will show all. They have different Ts. How to define them
  5. We want the load to move from A to B then to A like this picture.How to write a progam to realize it? The area of trapezoid is equal too. And they have different Ts.
  6. We want the load to move from A to B then to A like this picture.How to write a progam to realize it? The area of trapezoid is equal too.
  7. I use python too, and I fork the https://github.com/klauer/ppmac to my github. You may have some good example codes in this python project. Some Power PMAC Linux/Python tools Path Description cli/ IPython command line interface for Power PMAC ppmac/ Python package with various utilities (gather, tune, etc.) project/ Project creation/loading tools misc/ Miscellaneous fast_gather/ Raw gather data over TCP (C server, Python client)
  8. I update to the latest IDE as you give me.But what it's looks like just not change.
  9. Will you fix the bug?Or will you give us the c# project to let us to build and run it?
  10. I can use the scroll bars to see all of the elements.Edit Input which I mean in these pictures are Kvff,Kviff,Kaff,FatalFelimit,OutDbOn,OutDbOff.I can not see the value I input because they are hidden be the label before them. version of the IDE: 12/23/2014 Operating System version:Windows8 x64 Enterprise Edition Chinese
  11. The linear motor is Tecnotion UC06 with 0.1um/cts Grating ruler,our current motor setup configue is below: Is our configure right? The nominalrpm and maxrpm parameters seem to be no use,so they may can be remove from IDE?If they do not need,can you remove them from IDE when motor type is line motor. First I wired the motor U,V,W in good order,then I change the order into random. When I changed the U,V,W in random order,it still phase Ok,but will it run normal? If I run IDE motor setup again,will it be good again without change wire?
  12. screen resolution:1680X1050 first pic: first open, it looks like second pic: larger the window third pic: max the window
  13. In pos PID tuning tab,the label always hide the lineEdit input and the layout of window does not seem as well.We always can't see the some value of the parameter that we have wrote.Can you fix that BUG?
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