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  1. I generate G-code from a CAM software post-processor, in the code there is a G73 which is a peck-drilling secuence for 3-axis milling but it didn't recognized by UMAC. In this case, is there any recommended G-code post-processor which is good for UMAC ?
  2. Hi all, Which G-code can be use in UMAC for array drill sequence ? I tried G73 but UMAC didn't recognize it. Thanks
  3. Thanks all for the comments. Finally i can run it. ^_^
  4. Hi, I tried to run the HMI but i got 2 errors : The type or namespace name 'PCOMMSERVERLib' could not be found (are you missing a using directive or an assembly reference?) How can i fix this ? Thanks
  5. Hi, Is it the same if i separate the motion program into several parts and upload it in different PROG ? I got about 225000 line of G-code right now, my plan is to separate them into 20000/PROG. is it possible ? Thanks
  6. Hi Unit101, do you have Pcomm2 project on VS 6.0 version ? if so, can you upload it. Thanks
  7. For programs that large you will need to use the rotary buffer and spool the program in. PcomServer has drivers for doing this from a windows application. any other solution ? because i don't have PcommServer
  8. Hi DeltaTau, I use UMAC for my machine now. Is there a limitation of G-code program size on UMAC ?. I got about 300000 line of G-Code, i tested by put them all on prog 1 and run it. UMAC stop around line 20000. Any suggestion ? Thanks
  9. [/code]Hi, I got a question about PMAC motion program. This is mw program for moving X-axis back and forth with 1 second delay between them. OPEN PROG 1 CLEAR INC LINEAR F 10000 X 5000 DWELL 1000 X -5000 CLOSE the position of the motor measured by linear encoder stored in the M262 variable. now, suppose i want to have the same motion but the motor must stop by a measurement from another sensor in different motor. In this case a motor #4. how can i do that ? right now my idea to have this kind of program OPEN PROG 1 CLEAR INC LINEAR F 10000 while(P20 < 5000) ; P20 equal to m462/(I408*32) X 1 EndWhile DWELL 1000 while(P20 > 0) X -1 EndWhile CLOSE but i using this program, i found that the speed wasn't correct because the motion was build by the increment of X1. any idea ? Thanks
  10. Hi, By using a PMAC Plot, i can gather all motor command and save it in form of .m file to be opened in Matlab. Until now i'm able to plot it in 2D ( Ex : X and Y axis trajectory ). Anyone ever try to plot 3D tool path on Matlab using data gathered by PMAC Plot ? Thanks
  11. Hi, the kinematics wasn't active. but i now solved the problem. i was because of Ixx34 ( integration mode ). I set it to 0 and now it's working very well. Now, i need to test the system by sinusoidal sweep, i found there are a maximum frequency limit which is 225 Hz. Is there any way to increase this maximum testing frequency ? in some cases the PMAC Tuning Pro didn't plot all the result and for high frequency testing ( >100 hz ) sometimes it fails to plot bode diagram, This makes me have to reduce the sweep time. is it because of the gathering buffer ? Is it possible to increase the gathering data ? Hope i can get some response soon, Thanks
  12. Hi, I have some question about PMAC Tuning Pro. Right now i'm trying to tune the controller for piezo actuator. It works for step response. I got problem when i tried the sinusoidal command. It seems that the command it's correct but the output is not giving the same value ( so the actuator didnt response to that command ). I uploaded the video on this link : http://youtu.be/OsNA7YP6i_E as you can see in the video, i shift the position of the actuator first because it's characteristics which can't contract. i reset the position and after that i went to Tuning Pro. I give 500 cts command. But as we can see it fails to follow eventhough i saw so small trends on the motion. This only happens on sin wave command, but didn't happen to step response command. Any suggestion ?
  13. I'm sorry, i mean sampling frequency. Thanks
  14. Hi, Is it possible to increase sampling time of PMAC Plot32 Pro ? If yes, How to do it ? Thanks
  15. Hi, Any other variables i should check ? because i checked the I7mn0 = 7. Thanks.
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