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  1. Turbo pmac treat the "servo IC" of the handwheel as a macro IC. See the codes below,you can use the handwheel as a general pulse+direction axis. I6800 = 1001 ; PWM frequency 29.4kHz, PWM 1-4 I6801 = 5 ; Phase Clock 9.8kHz I6802 = 3 ; Servo frequency 2.45kHz I6803 = 1780 ; ADC frequency i1300=1 i6804=15 i6810=7 i6816=3 i1302=$78414 i1324=$120001 i1325=$78410 ;first supplementary registers respectively i8012=$c78410 I1303=$350d I1304=$350d i1323=-5 ;Motor xx Home Speed and Direction
  2. CLIPPER I want to setup communiation to CLIPPER through ETH port in Linux system.But I don't know how to do that .I don't have any docuements about it. How can I do ?
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