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  1. What about calling a CAPP from a CPLC program? E.g. rticplc should trigger a CAPP every 1000 cycles?
  2. Hello, i only seem to be able to change the value of the Acc24E3[0].ServoClockDiv via Tool->System Setup. Changes via the terminal doesn't seem to apply. The Startvalue defined in the setup.pmh is overwritten immediatly. i have to change the value permanently with a terminal command or setup.pmh library.
  3. Hello, i need to get data, sampled in a ppmac, to a programm written in visual basic. Problem is: i either need to get a lot of data at a time (like 40000 values) or i need to get the data transfered real fast (in the order of the ServoPeriod or 100 times the servoPeriod). I want to display data in real time resolution sampled at 5kHz. Hope there is a possibility. Thank You in advance
  4. Hello, I'm trying to share data between to different cplcs without storing the data in ScriptPLC variables. Is there a possibility to do that? Basically i'm filling an Array with data in a bgcplc1 for example. Now i want to use the filled array in a different bgcplc2. Hope you can help
  5. Is there a possibility to install the IDE on the above mentioned machine? I tried the latest Version, where a popup told me to install the german version because my OS is running as german version. Problem is the german Version is only 32bit and therefore another popup explains that a 32bit version on a 64bit machine is not possible. Maybe there is help. Thanks in advance
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