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  1. On brushless motors I get the message "MOTOR NOT PHASED"... that true ... PhaseFound==0 ... but how do I clear the HomeComplete bit ? i have to set PhaseFound to 1 ? Or do you have another solution ? Thank you
  2. I just installed the new IDE ( I still have the same compilation errors, this even on new projects on which the only modification made is the activation of "usrcode.c" compilation. I work with a PowerClipper, firmware version Do i need a new firmware to avoid having thoses error messages? Thank you
  3. Thanks, so starting at ID4 the script files are not ordered alphabetically. My issue then might be the mapping done for the C code ("pp_proj.h") which seems to still map using alphabet order. Please have a look at the attachment. Mapping for C and Script seems different (look at P_01 and P_02: P_01 is P8193 in Script, but is mapped has P8192 in pp_proj.h
  4. Thank you for your reply Tony. I think the IDE is not supposed to work that way... the IDE has to order alphabetically automatically. I tried to uninstall the IDE 4 and to re-install it... same behavior...
  5. Dear all, On the IDE 4, the scripts files I add or insert are not ordered alphabetically. It cause variables mapping desorder (between variables in the script (plc/prog) and variables interrogation through gpascii). Comparing IDE3 and IDE4 project files I found this new tag: 2 How can i remove this option ? Thanks
  6. Thank you Steve, On Deltatau website there is only one IDE, the IDE Can this IDE be used with all PPMAC products? CK3E (ARM_Posix), PowerBricks (460ex) , PowerClippers (apm866xx)...
  7. Yes, sorry, i did the test again today and go the message "error#27: Program encrypted.." So perfect! I must have missed a step on the last test.
  8. Dear all, I need to use the encryption option on some projects. Is there a way to forbid the commands that show the script code lines like the "list" command ? Thank you, Anthony
  9. Hello, I will also have to develop a kernel module, to build it and to fournish is to our customer. This kernel modul will contain the kinematic that should be called from the CfromScript (usercode.ko/so). It will really help me if one of you had an example/doc that could be shared. Thanks you!
  10. Dear all, I get the following warning at "Realtime Routines" (usrcode) build: the frame size of # bytes is larger than 1024 bytes [-Wframe-larger-than=] I get this warning on cpu 465, it is not present on cpu 460. I know that a declare big structures (warning appear for 2 functions, with frame sizes around 3000bytes). Does someone had the same issue? What will be a good solution? Can i use "malloc" in usrcode to get around this issue? Thoses functions are used by the kinematic (forward/inverse) through the CfromScript function. Thank you!
  11. Dear all, Is it possible to increase the number of provided P and Q variables? From my understanding the limits are 65,536 P variables and 8,192 Q variables. I would like to increase thoses limits. Thank you.
  12. Dear all, Is there a way to know if a forward() kinematic fonction was called in purspose to move axes (pmatch) or just to read positions (&1p, pread, GetCoordPos) ? I would like to react differently depending on the caller. Thank you.
  13. Dear all, What is the best and fastest method to read BrickLV and BrickAC status from C (BusOverVoltage, BusUnderVoltage, ...) ? On PowerBrickLV (firmware, APM86xxx), asking "pshm->BrickLV.BusOverVoltage" always returns 1... so does not work. Remark1: BrickLV.BusOverVoltage is set at 1 when there is no power, in combinaison with BrickLV.BusUnderVoltage Remark2: I currently have a situation where i can be ClosedLoop without power on the BrickLV. I will get a FollowingError when i will ask for a move.
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