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  1. Charles: I guess I was confused as to whether the offset applied to the ACC72E base memory location ($6D000) or to the DPR base memory location ($60000). You were correct - it is the $6D000. There is one other fine point that a coworker reminded of - and this is true of all DeviceNet device mapping on the ACC72E. Since the Pmac uses both X and Y memory addresses, you need to divide the offset by 2 and alternate between the Y and X memory. Variable: bGlobalBits Absolute Address: $6D000 + ($1F40)/2 M-Variable Definition: M5000->Y:$6DFA0,16,8,U Variable: bDNM_State Absolute Address: $6D000 + ($1F41)/2 M-Variable Definition: M5001->X:$6DFA0,16,8,U Variable: bErrDevAdr Absolute Address: $6D000 + ($1F42)/2 M-Variable Definition: M5002->Y:$6DFA1,16,8,U This works.
  2. I think my DPR starts at $60000. Maybe this is pertinent.
  3. I am using the ACC 72E - Option 3 - DeviceNet Master on the UMAC (Turbo PMAC 2 CPU) controller. It is set for base address $6D000. I am interested in monitoring the Diagnostic Flags (bGlobalBits, bDNM_State, bErrDevAdr) but I am not sure how to map them and how to reasonably monitor them in the UMAC program. Any help you give would be appreciated.
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