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  1. 1. set IP address for TAP windows virtual ethernet adaptor- change adaptor setting) 2. Download the completed project in PMAC and start Ethercat. 3. Open EC-Engineer software 4. Configure controller and scan network. 5. Click diagnosis mode in EC Engineer 6. In Keba drive manager change networrk address to whatever you have set) 7. Now you can go online in drive manager
  2. EoE works only with IDE version 3.xx. You also needs to install TAP windows separately for this purpose. We have set IP address as below. This is different from the standard address for Keba.
  3. Thank you very much for the support. After correct Coord[1].LHDistance value, issue is resolved.
  4. I could understand this topic. Case explained in the manual is with less distance where motor must start to decelerate to reach and stop at programed point. But in this case, there is large travel distance is programed so that axis can reach to programed velocity. See the graph below. I have programed the velocity of 2000mm/min but it could only reach up to 1741mm/min and it continues with that velocity for quite some time before starting to decelerate. Also velocity is not constant at 1741mm/min but have lot of oscillations. Only one motor is programed in this case and no coordinated movement with other axis.
  5. 1. As I could not see any logical reason for INVAMax limiting the maximum speed. It can only increase the acceleration time. 2. We have axis assignment as #1->#1->1677722X, and calculated INVAMax for 60mm/sec^2 and 100mm^sec^2 based on this. I request you to simulate at your end
  6. If I increase the acceleration from 60mm/sec^2 to 100mm/sec^2, then it is able to reach to 2000mm/min ( I have set Coord[x].Ta=0 ,Coord[x].Td=0 ,Coord[x].Ts=0.02 with segmentation enabled). Acceleration is changed with Motor[x].InvaMax. It looks like that some other parameter is limiting the maximum speed other then Motor[x].InvaMax.
  7. I have conducted following two test on other motor 1. When the acceleration is restricted to 60mm/sec^2, the commanded feed of 2000mm/min only reaches a maximum value of 1741mm/min with ripples. 2. However, If a feed of 1400mm/min is set instead, the velocity reaches the commanded value without any additional fluctuations. I could not understand why in case 1 motor does not reach to commanded feed.
  8. Firmware version: Controller: CK3M Servo update frequency 4KHz. In my machine B axis is defined as #5-> 1#5->5965233B Coord[1].FRAxes = $1C0 //XYZ Coord[1].FR2Axes=$0 I am commanding as per the following program. G01 B0 F1000 dwell 500 B-10 dwell 500 B0 When I plot graph for commanded velovity and acceleration, it shows velocity is oscillates after acceleration is complete. Due to these fluctuations, acceleration feed forward is also fluctuating and creating noise in the motor. Can you suggest what should the cause?
  9. Thank you Steve Millici We could achieve communication with drive with EoE.
  10. I tried to read the manual but the content in the picture in the manual is not readable. We want to use this with CK3M with IDE We do get End-point configuration when we right click the master. Can you provide some documentation. We like to communicate with KEBA drive(which does not have separate communication port to drive for setup and monitoring). This drive KEBA has tested with Beckhoff TwinCat system with EoE
  11. I think this common issue with all 16 bit INT data. I just checked for another 16 bit INT(PDO 3470 Analog input) data and I get this also as unsigned data. In supplier xml it is INT.
  12. We are using Kollmorgen drive and configured PDO 6077 (Actual torque). This PDO is 16 bit integer. This data is signed integer data in the drive. However in the controller we are getting this as 16 bit unsigned integer. Can anyone tell me how to map this data in Ethercat so that I get directly signed integer?
  13. I am using Ethercat drives. I guess power clipper has Etherlab stack. Does the above IDE will work for Etherlab stack?
  14. Please let me know which is latest firmware and IDE for Power Pmac Clipper I can use
  15. Can we use IDE for Power clipper?
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