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  1. The expanded Brick LV has a 32IN/16Out digital IOs. We need more than this in our applications. How do you compare getting additional I/Os through MACRO vs MODBUS? What are the cons and pros? Is there any other solution other than MACRO/MODBUS available? We need 48 IN/48 out.
  2. If you are not limited by Ixx17,Ixx16,then this is where you might want to use "Lookahead". If your program blocks are shorter than your TA, PMAC will reduce the speed so that every block will execute in TA time. With lookahead you can achieve shorter program blocks and maintain your desirable TA.
  3. I had similar problem having a PMAC and sinasoidal drive. Increase your Kp and Ki and decrease your Kd.
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