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  1. hello, StephenJ, thanks for your attention. the other accessorys are: two acc-24e2a, one acc-28e and one acc-36e. i'm not download the configurations of 28e and 36e. if i wire tb3 bottom (pin1 and 3 to gnd, pin2 to 24v), whether i download the configuration of 11e or not, the leds for outputs 9-16 always come on. after issuing $$$***, the leds don't go off, they are going on.
  2. hello, my acc-11e seems get something wrong, the problem described as follows: (i point m3301...m3324 to the address of output1...output24.) after wiring acc-11e's tb3 bottom (wire pin1 and 3 to gnd, pin2 to 24v), i power on pmac and macro, and download the configuration file, i find the leds which display the status of output9-output16 always lighted, namely, for example, no matter m3309=1 or m3309=0, the output9 always lighted.it seems the outputs (output9-16) uncontrolled.but the other leds (output1-8, 17-24) can lighted normally. i use a multimeter to measure the voltage of the outputs, and find the voltage of the outputs (output9-16) which cannot be uncontrolled is low, nearly zero, and the voltage of the outputs (output1-8, 17-24) which can be controlled always high (no matter they are lighted or not), nearly 24v. i don't know why the strange phenomenon occurs, does this acc-11e breakdown? can anyone help me? thanks. p.s. the outputs are configured as current sinking.
  3. there is a brief explanation about Ixx26 in the training PPTs: ------------------------------------------------ Ixx26 - Motor xx Home Offset [1/16 ct] Specifies the difference between the zero position of sensors for the motor and the motor’s own zero “home” position. An easy way to set this value is to write a PLC to wait for the user to position the motor as desired, and then capture the home offset positions when the user sets a flag. ------------------------------------------------ can anyone give me an example PLC about how to use Ixx26? thank you. P.S. one macro station, one acc-242a, and one dc-brush motor.
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