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  1. Thanks Steve. Under "General Setup" in PEWin, I do not see a way to communicate USB. It only seems to allow one to insert a device that communicates over Ethernet or standard serial port. -Pete-
  2. Thanks .. that did the trick. However, the PMAC executive won't talk with the brick any longer. Does it auto-detect the protocol or do I need to tell it which one I'm using?
  3. Hello, I am writing an application that communicates with the brick using UDP datagrams. The application sends a command and waits for a reply, but always times out. When I setup the socket to use TCP I always get the reply. Is the UDP protocol always enabled (assuming the IP address is setup correctly), or is this protocol mutually exclusive from TCP? I have also tried switching between TCP and UDP using the 100 Base T setup utility, but the utility always seems to revert back to TCP. Is the protocol selection stored in EEPROM? I cannot find anything in the Brick Controller Users Manual which speaks to protocol selection. Thanks, -Pete-
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