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  1. Steve, thanks for the response. I understand the statement about the limit switch now. I have the limit switches on the fixed part, rather than the moving part. I am using I7033 for the OT flag; that was my typo above ...
  2. Additional info: The Turbo PMAC User Manual (p. 228) states "On PMAC-style servo channels, the polarity of the limit switches is the opposite of what many people would expect. The -LIMn input should be connected to the limit switch at the positive end of travel; the +LIMn input should be connected to the limit switch at the negative end of travel" That appears to be incorrect... I did try swapping the limits, but that did not help. Also the motor would drive out of the limit, but not back in again, indicating that the swapped configuration was wrong :-( I have the software limits disabled.
  3. I am having a lot of issues trying to implement a HOME move for a Geo Brick LV. I have a motor with an incremental encoder, and limit switches using Hall-effect sensors. The goal is to use the minus limit as the home position and define a zero position approximately mid-way between the plus and minus limits (this will be a number entered manually). The motor is Motor 3. I am trying to follow the Turbo PMAC User Manual (particularly p. 228), along with the Geo Brick User Manual and the Turbo SRM. I324=$800001 ; For Geo Brick (PMAC2, and Amp Fault) I325=$078010 ; Register for channel 3 I7032=2 ; Capture on flag (NOTE: Error in manual -- digits 2&3 swapped) I7032=2 ; Use minus limit (NOTE: Error in manual -- digits 2&3 swapped) The HOME3 instruction is in a motion program. As written, the mechanism goes to the minus limit, turns around, and keeps going at a high speed in the plus direction, passing the limit switch. According to the manual, it should stop on the minus limit (Note: this happens whether or not the limits are disabled with Bit 17 in I324 ($800001 -> $820001 -> HOME -> $800001). The encoder position readings in the PEWIN32PRO2 Position window do not change at all, except when the minus limit is acquired, and then it has some large positive value. That stays fixed when it heads off in the plus direction. Any suggestions would be most welcome. The value of the offset (I326 has no effect).
  4. I have a Geo Brick LV and want to home to a minus limit. When I issue the HOME 3 command in a motion program, or #3HM from the commend line, the motor moves towards the plus limit. I have tried changing the sign of I323 (Motor 3 home speed and direction), but the motor always moves in the plus direction. Any ideas appreciated.
  5. I want to be able to set a bit in an I-value register. Specifically, I would like to control the limit flag (bit 17) in the Motor Mode Flag Mode (Ixx24). The suggested code (see below) writes all the bits; is there a way of setting all the bits? ;*********** Motion Program Set-up Variables (to be saved) ************* CLOSE I123=-10 ; Home speed 10 cts/msec negative I124=$000000 ; PMAC-style flags, normal mode I125=$78000 ; Use Servo IC 0 Channel 1 flags for Motor 1 I126=32000 ; Home offset of +2000 counts ; (enough to take you out of the limit) I7102=3 ; Capture on rising flag and rising index I7103=2 ; Use +LIM1 as flag (negative end switch) ;*********** Motion program to execute routine ********************* OPEN PROG 101 CLEAR I124=$20000 ; Disable +/-LIM as limits HOME1 ; Home #1 into limit and offset out of it I124=$0 ; Re-enable +/-LIM as limits CLOSE ; End of program
  6. OK, please ignore. I had a typo in my variable names and the #define'd names had a case difference relative to the invoked names :-( Works as expected now :-)
  7. I am trying to download a simple PLC (attached) into a Geo Brick LV. The code before the OPEN seems to do what is expected, but once the OPEN has been issued, the following lines give an error: **PMAC Error 5, Command not allowed unless buffer is open I am downloading through PEWIN32Pro2 v4.4.0.0, and have stopped all PLCs. Any help on this would be appreciated. read-positions-v1.txt
  8. Presumably that program uses some communication with the card that could be accessed in another way? From the Accessory 54E Manual, January 27, 2003: "The PMAC embeddeded ethernet communications card talks using the UDP protocol of the TCP/IP suite of protocols on port 1025. Therefore the programmer should open a datagram socket on the port 1025 the PMACPORT." But maybe that is incorrect ...
  9. I know that on Windows 7 you have to disable UAC, so I think it may be something to do with permissions for the programs directory. Most programs put data in the AppData directory which I think gets round this. It may be that if you install the program in a different directory from Program Files (x86) that it might work. Just a thought ...
  10. We have recently had to replace an old Turbo PMAC that had separate cards for the CPU and Ethernet (connected together in the same module) with one that has the Ethernet interface integrated on the CPU board. We used the setup utilities to choose UDP communications (which appears to be the only protocol supported on the old cards). However, because of problems we had with communications I was never convinced that the card was set up properly with UDP rather than TCP. Does anyone know of a way (I-value, etc) that you can check the protocol without using the Delta Tau utility?
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