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  1. I am using an Acc72E profibus card - 603777-103 to communicate the Power PMAC rack to the master cell PLC. I am having an issue with multiple cards where the input bytes are maxing at 255. I can disconnect the master PLC and profibus cable but the 72E card input/output values are still moving. I load the sycon configuration for our equipment but that has little to no effect. Out of seven cards, I have three that work. Below is an example of what I am using to test in a plc to confirm if the card is working properly. Acc72E[2].Output2[0] = OutputByte0; Acc72E[2].Output2[1] = OutputByte1; Acc72E[2].Output2[2] = OutputByte2; Acc72E[2].Output2[3] = OutputByte3; InputByte0 = Acc72E[2].Input2[0]; InputByte1 = Acc72E[2].Input2[1]; InputByte2 = Acc72E[2].Input2[2]; InputByte3 = Acc72E[2].Input2[3]; If there are any settings or suggestions for this issue I would greatly appreciate it. I have all cards on hand and am able to perform tests quickly.
  2. I am having issues compiling a C# from script code on a power pmac 460EX UMAC system. This is the fourth system with the latest firmware and latest powerpmac IDE: firmware and IDE. Below is the messages that showed up in the err.log file. I am willing to share all project code for this issue; the usercde.C can be changed from compile to content and the project will download. I reverted the project back to script kinematics and it is running fine, however I want to make them all the same to have C# kinematics from script. Any information would be appreciated. Msg.log file error cp -f /usr/local/usralgo/usralgomain.c /cygdrive/c/PMAC/ECA147~1/CLANGU~1/REALTI~1 err.log cp: cannot stat '/usr/local/usralgo/usralgomain.c': No such file or directory make: *** [all] Error 1
  3. Charles, I was hoping you could provide a small example of how to implement C functions in the realtime routine for specifically kinematics. Does the C application need to be called in the realtime PLC to use with kinematics? I have a two motor kinematic equation (motor 1-X and motor 2-Y) that has a fairly simple equation. We are hoping to see the performance gains of moving the kinematic calculations to the C realtime routines. Thanks!
  4. I am working with user jhendges on a similar issue. We had a Power PMAC cpu stop booting right upon power up at the ram check portion of the boot. We are sending in for a diagnostic test as this card has done this on every boot and has not successfully boot up.
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