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  1. I did tried the pcommserver "Download()" function, it seem alright. I could download the program into the card, and it created .56k, log, map, and TBL file. i guess its good to go. I'll be waiting for the mechanical structure to finish assemble to do the testing then. Thank You guys for the help.
  2. 1. The ABS ( R ), please refer to the attachment. Its running fine in the previous machine for the circular interpolation. 2. I am still waiting for the new motion card to arrive to do the actual testing where i do not want to interrupted the previous machine since its running fluids dispensing application correctly. 3. I've change a method to do the continuous moves of trajectories. my software will create and generate a text file base on all the positions and moves type (linear or circular), then save as pmc extension (refer attachment), and download to motion card using pcommserver function: Download(long dwDevice, BSTR filePath, VARIANT_BOOL bMacro, BOOL bMap, BOOL bLog, BOOL bDnld, BOOL *pbSuccess); and execute. Let me try out and let you guys know the outcome. Thank You. PMACProgram100.pmc
  3. 1. I did not conducted any Turbo PMAC training before. All are base on the reference of the software manual and self study. 2. 1 or 3 DWELL0 does any different? 3. The in position bit was defined in .h file. 4. ABS( R ), that i was defined the I and J value as absolute value. 5. Got that. 6. In my application, user are not be able to change the pmac code every time they changes the laser cutting pattern. It has to be receive the different position buffers from the machine software (FASAMachine).
  4. In the attachment, there's a brief description of the current machine system. Current system is moves point to point where the motion will accelerate, then decelerate, then stop, then moves second point, and so on. Due to the application of laser cutting, it required to moves without stopping point to point. Furthermore, under my program, the user needs to export random drawing to do cutting, which will be a random set of trajectories (linear or circles or arcs). Hence, I would like to use the method like following ;------------------------------------------------ ;Move Trajectory ;Q100-Q199 for Move type (Linear/Circle/Arc/etc) ;Q200-Q299 for Position X ;Q300-Q399 for Position Y ;Q500-Q599 for I ;Q600-Q699 for J OPEN PROG 100 CLEAR Frax(X,Y) IF(XYAxis_WB=0) ;make sure all moves complete before execute CURRENT_TRAJECTORY=0 WHILE(CURRENT_TRAJECTORY < NO_OF_TRAJECTORY) ;loop for all the trajectory IF(Q100+CURRENT_TRAJECTORY=1) ;if profile is straigh line ABS TA(XYAxis_TA) TS(XYAxis_TS) F(XYAxis_F) X(Q200+CURRENT_TRAJECTORY)Y(Q300+CURRENT_TRAJECTORY) DWELL0 DWELL0 DWELL0 WHILE(XAxis_InPosition = 0 AND YAxis_InPosition = 0) ;wait motion done WAIT ENDWHILE ENDIF IF(Q100+CURRENT_TRAJECTORY=2) ;if profile is CCW circle TA(XYAxis_TA) TS(XYAxis_TS) F(XYAxis_F) NORMAL K-1 ABS ABS® CIRCLE2 X(Q200+CURRENT_TRAJECTORY) Y(Q300+CURRENT_TRAJECTORY) I(Q500+CURRENT_TRAJECTORY) J(Q600+CURRENT_TRAJECTORY) DWELL0 DWELL0 DWELL0 WHILE(XAxis_InPosition = 0 AND YAxis_InPosition = 0) ;wait motion done WAIT ENDWHILE ENDIF CURRENT_TRAJECTORY=CURRENT_TRAJECTORY+1 ENDWHILE ENDIF[/code] DWELL0 DWELL0 DWELL0 XYAxis_MV_Trajectory=0 CLOSE ;--------------------------------------------------- the highlighted lines are the part couldn't get it through. I need to loop reading the Q variables which i pre-set all the positions and parameters before execute this program.
  5. Hello there In my software, it extracts dxf files into set of trajectories data for the entire profile, which consists of position X, position Y, Speed, IJK values (for circular trajectories), Move Type(linear, circular, arc or spline). Currently i am command the XY Axis moves interpolation point by point where the pmac code was very simple of moves interpolation, decelerate, and stop, then for the next point of the trajectory to complete an entire profile. However this gives unsatisfied output of quality which required to moves entire profile without decelerates and stops. I'm considering using the Q variables, but then what if the number of position X&Y and other parameters exceed the number allowance of variables? and do you have a sample of pmac code or similar case to study or reference? How do i throw in all the trajectories data (position, type of moves, speed, and ijk value) as buffer and it runs the entire profile in the pmac program but not command by command from my software? Thank You Best Regards Terry
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