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  1. We have a old Delta Tau Turbo PMAC system, it includes Turbo PMAC CPU (3A0 603382) and ACC-54E Ethernet card(3R2 603467) and Axis analog interface cards. My PC is WinXP + SP3. The system was running before but stopped for few years, I am trying to reuse it now. It can be running with PLC software stand alone, I just want connect it to do some modification, but I get some trouble with Ethernet and USB comunication. For Ethernet: I can Ping the IP address of the Delta Tau which was setup before, the Ethernet connection looks fine. Then I launch PEWIN32PRO2, Setup, Insert the PMAC device with the IP address, then run Test, after long time waiting, popup a message “The PMAC could not be detected”, then I reping the IP in windows, it will fail. I have to reboot PC and Delta Tau to get the IP back, but PMAC still could not be detected. For USB: I can see USB device in Device Manager as "Delata Tau Ethernet Comm Board", I want to insert a new device in Pro2 Setup, but I can see only COM1 and Pmac ETH0 in Available PMAC Devices, there is no USB item. Can any one give me some help? I am fairly new for Delta Tau. Thanks.
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